Bill on Baseball with Greensboro Grasshoppers from Tuesday night at NBBP:Hoppers get the best of pitchers’ duel

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Hoppers get the best of pitchers’ duel

From slugfest to pitchers’ duel.

After the Hoppers and Lexington combined for 23 runs and 41 hits Monday in a game that lasted 13 innings and took more than four hours to play, the teams came back Tuesday for a combined 4 runs on 13 hits in a 9-inning game played in 2:24.

The only similarity was that the Hoppers won both games, following the 12-11 win with a 3-1 victory.

“A game like that is more fun to watch,” said Hoppers manager David Berg said of Tuesday’s effort. “It’s a good tempo, the fielders are ready and it’s a cleaner game.”

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