Bill Hass on Greensboro Grasshoppers Baseball:Stranger with no name rides in

Stranger with no name rides in

It wasn’t advertised as such, but Thursday’s game turned into “Clint Eastwood Night” for the Hoppers.

The Bad: The Hoppers couldn’t hold a 7-1 lead after two innings, were outscored 10-1 from there and wound up with an 11-8 loss to Lexington. It snapped their four-game winning streak and prevented a sweep of the Legends.

The Ugly: Four pitchers — Josh Hodges, Chris Shafer, Johnny Omahen and Dejai Oliver — gave up at least two runs each. The most damage was done in the sixth inning, when the Legends scored six runs to take a 9-7 lead.

The Good? Well, the Hoppers collected 17 hits. Austin Barnes had four, including two doubles; Josh Adams had three; and Brent Keys, Aaron Senne, Matt Smith and Ryan Goetz had two each. Senne hit his fifth homer of the year and Goetz had a double and a triple. But all the base hits didn’t produce enough runs. After their fast start, the Hoppers scored one run in the last seven innings.

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