North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association All-State team has Orth(SWG), Haack(NWG), Kimber(DHS), Davis(NEG) and Arendas(NG)

Matt Orth(Southwest Guilford), Keaton Haack(Northwest Guilford), Corey Kimber(Dudley HS), Jaylin Davis(Northeast Guilford) and DC Arendas(Northern Guilford), all on the North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association All-State team announced this week and I listed the players in the order that they show up on, from that list and you can check it all out for yourself, when you CLICK HERE…..

*****Coming in from the Charlotte Observer/Lake Norman edition…….*****

+++++Also on this list from our area we see, Tommy Marshall(Southern Alamance), Dylan Ward(East Forsyth), Landon Lassiter(North Davidson), Nick Monroe(Eastern Alamance), Scott Ellington(Burlington Williams), Dylan Richardson(Randleman), Cody Trogdon(Randleman) and Easton Welch(Randleman)…..+++++


  1. I can’t believe Dallas Newton and or Blake Butler were left off. That is OK– Dallas Newton is doing great in baseball and the classroom at Chapel Hill— Blake Butler is headed to the College of Charleston— Oh yeah–Justin Reece is checking in at West Point and Austin Bain is headed to play in Randolph Macons new baseball complex. Ask some of those All State selections where they are going this fall. Seems to me that the college coaches know something that the high school coaches don’t . I guess it is politics as usual. Charlie Pannell

  2. Here we go again………I’m not a parent but can we easy up off the negative talk towards the kids. The surrounding area has a lot of very talented kids. I wish all of them much success. The true stars will shine regardless if there name is ever printed or if ever chosen.. Is this from a disgruntle parent or the student athlete. My thoughts the parent, because the athlete could probably care less. They’re out doing what they need to do to get to where they want. On a better note congratualtions to all the students/athlete who have decide to continue their careers in college or just further their education. The Triad Area is very proud of you!!!!!

  3. HWGA has it correct. Alll the kids Charlie mentioned are outstanding people and student athletes but everyone knows that this like conference POY is a political process. If your coach did not negotiate hard enough to get you conference POY or conference pitcher of the year then how does he have a leg to stand on for State where more of the coaches see less kids. I’m sure the coaches rely on what the conference coaces vote on.

    As both said the kids could care less since they have already made their decisions. The paper and plaques don’t matter in the big picture.

    Congrats to the students and the athletes who are or soon will be moving on to the next step whatever that may be.

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