Never Too Hot For Baseball in Greensboro – Minor League Blog

Crawdads Prove To Be Too Hot For The Hoppers is Jordan Stowe’s Blog Report from tonight’s Grasshopper’s Game.

Due to HIGH TEMPERATURES, the Grasshoppers are allowing Fans to bring their own Water or Hydrating Drink (up to 1 liter per person) on Saturday and Sunday’s games. They allowed this Friday as well; but did not have the time to get the word out.

Speaking of getting the WORD OUT. Monday the Grasshoppers will offer an All-You-Can-Eat Party Deck Ticket. For $20, you get a great seat on the Party Deck, overlooking the Third Base Line and an All-You-Can-Eat Baseball Buffet. I’ve been assured that the food will remain available though at least half the game. (Most picnic’s close 30 minutes after the game start.) The Buffet is hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, tea, lemonade and fixings. Call the Ticket Office at 336-268-2255 or go online – Be Sure To Specify the ON DECK Ticket!

Tonight the Pipe and Pint Club (aka the Cigar Club) was at the game and those folks know how to throw a Grasshopper Party. In addition to their Picnic, the Group played their own version of Baseball Bingo and Mound Ball. In their version, the out-come of each player at bat was called out – members each had a sheet of paper with various outcomes in all 9 innings. For example, a Player Flys Out to Right Field in the 2nd Inning – if a member had that play, they would win a prize. (That’s the BINGO Side.) Mound Ball is where the baseball ended up at the end of each inning. Often the ball is tossed in the crowd, or left on the field – there are many possibilities. Once again, the members sheet of paper had the results for all nine innings – you match you win a prize. Those folks were having a great time.