“Nothing Could be Sweeter than to be following Emma McPeeters in the Summertime”:’Diving Ace’ headed to Indy and wants to come back to Greensboro in August at the GAC

“Nothing Could Be Finer than to hit the Pool in Carolina in the Morning….Nothing Could be Sweeter than to be following Emma McPeeters in the Summertime”……Ace to Indy for the ‘Big Dive’ with the UAD(Ultimate Air Dive) Team…..

We don’t have a pool full or lake-load of Greg Louganises running or diving around here, so we have decided to put our stock in upstarts like Emma McPeeters and her team at the UAD……Look and see where the UAD could be in August….The UAD at the GAC….The Greensboro Aquatics Center….

Greensboro is hosting the USA Diving Nationals the week of August 1-10.

If Emma McPeeters qualifies top 12 in Indianapolis, Indiana the 13-15 of July, she will be competing in this event at the Greensboro Aquatics Center…… Emma has placed consistently in the top 5 nationally in AAU, as well as USA diving……. This is something to keep an eye on, to see if this 13 year-old and her Ultimate Air Dive Team can make it home, to the home ‘Palace of the Plunge’, the Greensboro Aquatics Center….Could be the home of the best, ‘The Ultimate Air Dive Team’ and Duke-bound Emma McPeeters……

Keep your eye on this spot here and we will have more on this event in the coming days and weeks ahead……Until then, feel free to visit www.uadiving.com……..