Wake Forest Football headed to WEGO Radio this Fall:980AM will be the ‘New Home of the Deacs'(They’re calling on Bill Flynn to do mornings on WEGO AM980)

Don Moore was reporting by way of Twitter yesterday, that the Wake Forest Football games will be heading to WEGO Radio this Fall….980AM will be the ‘New Home of the Deacs’…..

WEGO radio was playing Christian Comtemporary Hispanic music until today/July 4 and now as of Independence Day 2012, 980AM/WEGO radio has taken flight and become, ‘The Eagle’….

980AM, ‘The Eagle’ will operate out of Winston-Salem, N.C. and ‘The Eagle’ will carry Wake Forest Demon Deacon football this Fall….The Deacs will back on Winston-Salem radio for the first time in many years…..Wake will still be on 98.1 WBRF out of Galax, Virginia, but now Wake Forest Football will have home in their home city, Winston-Salem, N.C……

The Deacs are coming home to this Epperson-owned radio station, that you can hear in Greensboro during the daylight hours and they hit Winston-Salem 24/7….’The Eagle’ has landed….

For the past several years, Wake Forest has been flying around all over the place…The Wake games were at 101.1 WZTK and then that went away, and before that Wake was at 100.3FM back when they were the Buzzard, the Fox, the Goat, the Jack-Rabbit and all of the above….

The big Flagship Station for Wake Forest atheltics back in the day was 600AM WSJS….WSJS left Wake behind and grabbed UNC football and then SJS made the jump to pick up N.C. State…..

Now Wake has landed with “The Eagle”…..’The Eagle’ has taken flight and they will be a Talk Radio Station and carry many of the available nationally syndicated talk shows….Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, maybe we’ll see and hear the return of Michael Savage…..Smith Patterson, formerly of WSJS, is supposed to be returning to ‘The Eagle’ to head up their news department…..They have called out to the Hungerfords and they plan on doing a ‘money-management’ show on ‘The Eagle’…….

‘The Eagle’ has taken flight and Wake Forest football has landed on WEGO Radio/980AM……

More from Wikipedia.org:

On July 4, 2012, new owners Ralph Epperson Broadcasting Inc. switched the format from Spanish back to English. The station now is all Local News/Talk and features many of the same local personalities who worked at rival News/Talk Winston-Salem, NC station WSJS-AM 600. The new WEGO-AM 980 is also branded as “The Eagle 980 WEGO-AM”. The goal of the new station is to be VERY live and local to the Winston-Salem community. WEGO-AM 980 is also the brand new flagship radio station of The Wake Forest University Radio Network. The Eagle 980 will now air all football/baseball/basketball games of the W.F.U. Deamon Deacons. WEGO-AM is the sister radio station to 100,000 watt WBRF-FM 98.1 in Galax, VA and WPAQ-AM 740 in Mount Airy, NC.

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  1. 101.1 fm was the perfect location for Wake football and basketball until the stupid raleigh company messed up the station. I wish the triad had more broadcast companies based her instead of out of Charlotte and Raleigh. We always seem to get the shuff that others don’t want. Are there any real companies in this area that can provide real “sports” programming, talk shows and the like. We must have some personalities in the triad that can keep us entertained.

  2. It would have to be someone that also knows the W-S and H-P markets. Or it could be a couple of people – one that knows Greensboro/HP/Burlington and one that knows W-S/HP. You only need to cover a 2-3 hour slot. The remaining hours could be covered by ESPN, Fox sports or CBS sports. Keep the David Glenn Show from Raleigh but please get rid of the other Raleigh and Charlotte host.

  3. With the information we put out here, I think this site can run circles around any radio station….We have that key word, what it????


  4. They are calling on Bill Flynn to do mornings on WEGO AM980….Bill Flynn in the mornings in morning drive…..

  5. The Wikipedia article no longer looks like what you have. Wikipedia articles are never supposed to look like that. You’re giving the encyclopedia a bad name.

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