Giancarlo ‘Mike’ Stanton to miss MLB All-Star Game and the HR Derby:Stanton(Greensboro Grasshoppers/Miami Marlins) out 4-6 weeks after knee surgery

Giancarlo ‘Mike’ Stanton will miss the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday and he’ll also vacate his spot in Monday’s MLB Home Run Derby, at Kansas City….Stanton will miss 4-6 weeks, as he is due to have arthroscopic right knee surgery today(Sunday) and this is a real messed up situation, as Stanton had worked so hard and he had put up the numbers to make him a legit All-Star and now he’ll have to miss the game….Now all of the attention will be cast on Bryce Harper, the young outfielder from the Washington Nationals, that will be taking Stanton’s OF spot in the ‘Mid-Summer Classic’…Harper was just through Greensboro last summer, when he was playing for the Hagerstown Suns and now, just one year later, he is headed to the MLB All-Star Game….Andrew McCutchen, who also came through Greensboro just about three years ago with the West Virginia Power(Pittsburgh Pirates), will replace Stanton in Monday’s Home Run Derby…..

More on Giancarlo Stanton and his bad luck knee….And don’t you think that maybe Mike Stanton changed over to Giancarlo in part possibly, because of the other Mike Stanton, that used to be around with the Braves, the Yankees and I think the Red Sox….Two Mike Stantons could cause confusion and now there will always be just one, the one that couldn’t pitch worth a hoot for the Atlanta Braves and the same one is he, that looked like a ‘World Beater’ at times for the New York Yankees….

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19-year-old Bryce Harper became the youngest position player to make the Midsummer Classic and third youngest All-Star ever when NL manager Tony La Russa selected the precocious outfielder to replace injured Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

Atlanta Braves speedster Michael Bourn also made the NL team Saturday, replacing Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond.

Stanton left in the third inning of Miami’s 3-2 loss at St. Louis and the Marlins said their lone All-Star representative would have arthroscopic right knee surgery on Sunday, shelving one of baseball’s best young sluggers for next week’s festivities.

“He might be out for a month or six weeks, that’s what I think,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “Hopefully less. We’re better off that way because that kid couldn’t do anything.”

Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen will take Stanton’s spot for Monday night’s home run derby.

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