Interview with Jason Rook, Joey McIntyre and Enad Haddad at last night’s Greensoboro NABA All-Star Game

We were able to catch up with winning manager Enad Haddad, along with Home Run Derby Champ Joey McIntyre and Home Run Derby runner-up Jason Rook, last night after the Greensboro NABA All-Star Game, which the Pete Rose team won and then at the conclusion of the All-Star Game, won by the Pete Rose Team 7-3, over the Cal Ripken team, we got the chance to talk to Enad, Jason and Joey….Enad is the manager of the Greensboro Reds and the Comissioner of the Greensboro NABA, Jason plays for the league-leading Reds and Joey is member of the Greensboro Yankees…..All three were part of the Pete Rose squad that won the All-Star Game last night….

Click On below and catch our post game video interview, with three of the key cogs in turning wheel, that is the Greensboro NABA……(TV-style interview and it looks like we are going/headed more and more in this direction.)