Graham Sporting Goods Baseball Tonight in Greensboro with Lightning and Thunder chasing Colts and Palominos

Remember that horse you used to have back in the day called Lightning and what about that thoroughbred that used to comb through your pasture and you know that one, Thunder; well they have come home to feed tonight and here are your scores from and don’t forget them with the upcoming football season, right around the corner…..The scores from the fields:

from Grimsley High School with the Greensboro Colts into their last two nights of the regular season:
Top of the 5th Inning:
Northern Guilford 4
Grimsley 0
…This game has been delayed due to Lightning, Thunder and Rain and they doubt this one will resume on this night….

Greensboro Palomino Baseball from Stoner-White Stadium:
Top of the 5th Inning:
The Pride 8
Hawks 3

Game has been delayed due to Lightning, Rain and Thunder….Thunder is not a real imposing weather element, but it does accompany the heavy rain and is very much associated with the attack of those Lightning Bolts…..