Wil Myers(Wesleyan) stars as U.S. Team romps in Futures Game in Kansas City and Wil Myers name on the David Glenn Radio Show

U.S. tops The World in the MLB Futures Game 17-5, at Kansas City on Sunday and Will Myers, from Wesleyan Christian Academy in High Point, was one of the big stars in the Futures Game and in the win for the U.S…..Wil Myers’ name was also being dropped in today on Daivd Glenn’s Radio Show(1320/1230/1200AM) and Glenn was dropping Wil in, as part of his weekend trivia wrap-up and a look at what the sports stars were doing back over the weekend….See below what Wil Myers(WES) was up to……In the article from mlb.com, Wil made the headline…..

Kansas City hometown hero Wil Myers, the Royals’ top offensive prospect, had two hits and three RBIs. Myers, who could well make it to Kansas City in the second half of this season, received the loudest cheers of any prospect.

“It was definitely cool to be out there in front of the home crowd,” Myers said. “I saw the ball well. The hitters’ eye is great here. The ball looks huge coming in. I was able to get some good pitches over the plate and I was lucky to take advantage of them.”

Check out the headline and check out the entire article from MLB.com when you