Greensboro Palomino Baseball looking to make changes for next season and we wood like to give you a few of the details

More details are coming in, in the next few days, but we spoke to Greensboro Palomino Baseball director Buddy Walker today and he let us know the the Greensboro Palomino Baseball League will become a wooden-bat league next season and they will operate as a high school baseball league, for ages 15-18 years old…..The league will run Monday-Thursdays only and there will be no weekend play….

In review, 15-18 year-olds, in a wooden bat league, that runs Monday-Thursday…..

*****The league question has become, “where wood you rather play” and they are ready to find out….*****

+++++Coming up week after next, they will have exhibition games with teams from the Palomino League vs. 2 teams from the NABA….Hearing The Pride, Reds and Orioles invovled so far, on July 24-26……+++++


  1. Good for you, Buddy. This should have happened 5+ years ago. And to top it off, Colt baseball is having open all-star tryouts. It may not change who makes the teams, but at least everyone gets a fair shake (at least for appearance sakes). Who are the coaches?

  2. What is the objective of the Greensboro Palomino League?

    How is going to a wood bat going to help a kid get ready for High School or even college baseball?

    How is a 17 or 18 yr old going to benefit from playiing against 15/16 year olds?

    What is going to happen to colt baseball?

    Greensboro would benefit from having a league that would develop those players who do not play travel/showcase ball due to choice, skill level and/or finances. Maybe available through Legion baseball – just sayin… Anyone know of other options?

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