Matthews Butler-Mallard Creek season-opener moved to Charlotte’s Memorial Stadium

from Langston Wertz at the Charlotte Observer( and if I remember correctly, Page High School beat both of these teams in the playoffs last season, on their way to the NCHSAA 4-AA Championship…..

The highly anticipated season-opening football game between Mallard Creek and Butler high schools will be played at Memorial Stadium Aug. 17.

The game was originally scheduled for Butler.

Bulldogs coach Brian Hales said the game was moved after officials studied the crowd from last year’s game and determined that hosting at Butler, which seats about 2,500, could potentially mean turning away fans. About 4,000 showed up for last year’s game at Mallard Creek, which the Mavericks won 28-20.

Last season, Mallard Creek reached the N.C. 4AA semifinals(lost to PAGE HS). Butler reached the quarterfinals(lost to PAGE HS).

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  1. What is the seating for some of our locate programs such as Page, Northern, NW, Grimsley, Dudley (new seating) and others (if anyone konws) ? I would think Northern has the most seating from what I have seen.

  2. Nobody around here can out-seat/out-hold Grimsley….Jamieson can hold up to 10,000 on the squeeze and next up would be Simeon Stadium in HIgh Point where they could excess 7,500 on a tight fit….Those are your two top high school stadium capacities in Guilford County….The other schools will take you 4,500 with fans standing around the tracks……..If you put people on top of the building roof-tops and had them climbing and hanging in the trees you might hit 6,000 at the other schools….Grimsley should do 8,500 for the East-West All-Stars Football game tonight, but they won’t all be paid….Coaches in town for the HS Coach’s Clinic will make up most of your fan-base and they will get in free with the Clinic Pass, but they did pay to attend the Clinics and that is where the NCCA(North Carolina Coaches Association) makes their money and this allows them to continue the games…Without the Coaches’ Convetion/Clinic there would be no games….

    Check on those attendances and I think you will find I am on the money….Have always been ‘Right On’ before…..

  3. You are correct Andy. Also like to ad that in the early years the game paid for the clinic now the clinic pays for the game.

  4. People can write anything on the internet and everyone thinks it is the truth, Andy please deal in facts before you comment Simeon Stadium holds 10,000 plus if you need to check just google wikipedia for the facts, thank you for looking into this matter and correcting your mistake.

  5. That’s not what the Fire Marshall told me….There is a lot of out-dated material on Wikipedia and the last time Simeon could seat 10,000 was probably 1979….Someone needs to go on Wikipedia and get those numbers updated and corrected….Last time I was over at Simeon for a HP Central game they has about 850 fans in there and half of them were from the opposing team’s fan base out of Ragsdale…..Find someone to update Wikipedia….They may want to print my numbers there….I have several articles linked to Wikipedia already…..

  6. The High Point Central vs High Point Andrews game has the highest attendance of any game in Guilford County every year usually close to 10,000 always more than Page vs Grimsley because when one team wins every year like Page it’s not much of a rival game anymore.

  7. Page at Grimsley beats Central-Andrews every time….Smith-Dudley is a real big one too, but nothiing in this state can match the crowds, the rivalry or the pagentry PAGE-GRIMSLEY……If it can, I’ve never seen or heard of it…..Year in-year out, it is happening in Greensboro at Jamieson Stadium….

  8. Correct Andy…Usually the people who say things like that have never been to a Page – Grimsley game, nor do they know about the whole week events prior to the game…People think this rivalry is just a game, but it is way more than just a game…It is also about the events leading up to the game, and it is hard to keep the kids focused with all the events that are taking place…

    No matter the records of the teams, this game is always a spirited affair…Best high school atmosphere that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen them in Virginia, Florida and now here…The Page playoff games were fun this past year, but not all of the spectators there were Page fans…There were lots of other team fans and players there to watch, but Grimsley and Page has fans and past alumni…Fun game to be a part of…

  9. Same way with Central-Andrews, you have 2 or 3 classes having class reunions alumni from 30 40 50 years always come to this game I don’t think Andy has ever been to a Central-Andrews game so he doesn’t know until he has been there.

  10. I have been to Dudley-Smith now for 15 straight years and Central-Andrews falls right in behind Dudley-Smith when it comes to the rivalries, but nothing comes close to PAGE-GRIMSLEY…..Central and Andrews are now the first game of the year and to be playing that early, well, they must have other fish to fry…..

  11. Nothing can top Butler vs. Mallard Creek. Best in the state and Charlotte’s Memorial Stadium is the best place to watch a football game. Page-Grimsley, Smith-Dudley, High Point Central-High Point Andrews, Richmond County-Scotland County, Asheboro-Eastern-Randolph, Parkland-Carver etc, don’t even come close.

    Nothing can touch Butler-Mallard Creek at Memorial Stadium.

    See you at the game or you won’t be watching football that night.

  12. Scotland Richmond is a lot bigger than Butler v Mallard Creek and so is Page v Grimsley. Butler v Mallard Creek have been playing for what?….. 1 year now? Hell Butler v Indy is bigger than Butler Mallard Creek……Just cause both schools have been good for 3 years now doesn’t mean the rivalry is bigger or better.

    Here are a few really good ones in our State……

    Scotland v Richmond
    Concord v AL Brown
    Page v Grimsley
    HPC v Andrews
    Dudley v Smith
    East Forsyth v Glenn
    Butler v Indy
    NW Guilford v Northern Guilford (Western is the old one but this Northern one is getting pretty nasty)

  13. Just wait till they turn on those Friday Night Lights, there is no comparison to Butler-Mallard Creek. Nobody else even comes close.

    All of the others are playing for second place!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Roger Roger,

    Yeah, thats what they said last year too, and we know how that turned out for them; however, I will give you that the Butler-Mallard Creek game will be a doozie…

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