Thomas ‘Ice’ Griffis new boys basketball coach at Grimsley and Chris Eggers takes over the baseball team

Getting a few phone calls and E-mails on this one and will do some more checking for all ot the details, but the word I am getting that is coming in tonight is that Thomas ‘Ice’ Griffis will take over and run the Grimsley boys basketball team and Chris Eggers will move up from assistant and he will be the new head baseball coach for the Whirlies….

More details coming in for sure….More details with Thomas ‘Ice’ Griffis being a former N.C. A&T basketball player and he has coached on the high school level now for about 15 years…While at N.C. A&T and playing for the dad of former Whirlie coach Darren Corbett, Griffis was part of a ‘Big Three’ while at A&T…..The ‘Big Three’ of Thomas ‘Ice’ Griffis, Chuckie(Carlton) Becton and Joe ‘Cowboy’ Binion had a measureable amount of while playing for Aggie head coach Don Corbett…I may get a few of these detail wrong, but that three of ‘Ice’ Griffis, Becton and ‘Cowboy’ Binion, they could play some ball….Not too many people around these parts that will remember ‘Ice’ and ‘Cowboy’ Binion….Griffis was a super little point guard and he could fly…..I think I remember being a celebrity basketball game one night and they had ‘Ice’ Griffis flying down the court running the ball for one team and Larry Jordan, Michael’s smaller brother, running the ball for the other team….’Ice’ Grffis could fly and move and the man could move the ball…..”Assist Machine”….Another guy that came through A&T at about the same time as those three or just a little bit after, was Corvin Davis, and that ‘cat’ could score too…Corvin never stopped shooting…He would go 12-34, but end up getting you 30-plus points….

I will get you a few more details on Griffis and Eggers, but in the day, Thomas ‘Ice’ Griffis could play………One of my contacts at the All-Star game last night was telling me that they thought the Grimsley assistant would get the job, but they couldn’t remember his name right off the bat, but I guess and feel certain that was Eggers…..We will see how it all comes around the horn…

Eggers and Griffis now at Grimsley full-time head coaches and Tina Gunn will run the girls basketaball program…..

More to follow…..(Not much available on new baseball coach Chris Eggers)

CLICK HERE to read more on the new coaches at Grimsley from the News and Record on-line….(Jason Wolf)