Hakeem Nicks’ records as a UNC Tar Heel football player now gone:He giveth and then they taketh away

All of the football records set by former North Carolina wide receiver will now be gone and the word out today is that the current-New York Giant received academic help from tutor Jenifer Wiley and therefore Hakeem Nicks was ruled academically ineligible for the 2008 Tar Heel football season…There is also the issue of the gifts that were given by Nicks and others during the 2010 season…..Double-whammy, as they add in the academic penalties to the inappropriate gift-giving that had already been detected….He giveth and then they taketh away…..And he was given some pretty strong academic help too….

Details on this one from WRALSportsFan.com:(www.wralsportsfan.com)

Chapel Hill, N.C. — Former University of North Carolina wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was one of two players ruled academically ineligible in the 2008 football season because he got extra academic help, the university confirmed Friday(TODAY). The Tar Heels have had to forfeit all eight wins from that season.

The university discovered in 2010 that Nicks, a current member of the New York Giants, and two others, Omar Brown and Mahlon Carey, gave UNC players gifts worth about $3,300.

Nicks’ records, as well as the statistics and records of all players involved in the NCAA violations, will be vacated and marked with an asterisk in the team’s media guide in compliance with the penalty levied by the NCAA, according to spokesperson Kevin Best…..

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  1. Which is it UNC? Are your compliance people that incompetent to fail to catch an ineligible player OR were you just trying to cheat?

  2. The whole process of taking away record is stupid. The memories will always exist. The school will not burn the tapes. These rules are hurting too many kids that had nothing to do with these situations. The kids not involved with these situations should still be able to come to UNC or any other school one day and talk with their kids about their records and the times they had at whatever school.

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