NC Prep Football News Yearbooks now available at Omega Sports on Battleground Avenue

The 2012 NC Prep Football News Yearbooks are now on sale at Omega Sports on Battleground Avenue, in Greensboro….The books from Deana King and are $11 at the store…..

The NC Prep football yearbook is full of team bios, player bios, predictions, conference races, one of the most important features of all; the schedules for all of the teams in the entire state of North Carolina, along with photos, preseason All-State teams and the pre-season Players of the Year for the state and all of the conferences…..

All of the coaching changes, the history of team titles and more; this football book is loaded and it is available at Omega Sports in Greensboro, on Battleground Avenue….

Go in and ask for and get yours today…..The 2012 NC Prep High School Football Yearbook….


  1. Andy,
    Can you buy it online at NCPreps? Im a member and couldnt find them anywhere.
    Vegas Mike

    P.S. Have you ever seen as much speed as Havelock has got? I can only think of the late 80’s early 90’s TW Andrews teams.

  2. The Yearooks are there at Omega Sports on Battlegound. Got mine there on Saturday….Will check and see if they are also at the other Omegas across the state….If you need E-mail address for publisher, let me know….Great HS football book….

    That HP Andrews team from back around 1998 was reat fast…The QB could fly and was his name Stevenson???

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