High Point Christian boys and Dudley girls headed to Raleigh Holiday basketball tournament in December

from Nick Stevens with the HighSchool OT at WRALSportsFan.com(www.wralsportsfan.com)

The 41st Annual HighSchoolOT.com Holiday Invitational will feature 16 boys team and eight girls teams. It will tip off on Dec. 26, and run through Dec. 29, at Broughton High School’s Holliday Gymnasium and Cary Academy’s Fitness Gym.

In the boys field:
High Point Christian Academy – After a 30-2 finish last season, High Point Christian Academy, led by senior guard Jackson Kent, will enter the Holiday Invitational this season. Kent averaged 14.5 points and 5.9 rebounds per game last season. Center Chuck Ogbodo averaged 5.9 points and 9.1 rebounds last year.

In the girls Field:
Dudley High School – Coming out of Greensboro, Dudley is making it’s first appearance in the Holiday Invitational. The Panthers are coming off a 19-7 season, including an 11-1 mark in the Metro 4-A Conference.

You can check out all of the teams that will be in this tournament and read all about the upcoming High School OT event from Nick Stevens when you CLICK HERE….


  1. Why is it that you never see or hear about Greensboro Day going to tournaments or playing teams like what you will find at the Holiday tournament in Raleigh ? Fred Johnson has all of those D1 players and he basically only plays local public high schools outside of his conference schedule. There should be an “*” beside his so called most wins record “*Most wins by any NC coach but please note that he was either afriad to play or refused to play top level competition for most of his career”. Can someone please tell Fred that he can play real teams throughout the year instead of the teams that he raided.

  2. 1 – Your post is short sighted and poorly researched….GDS has played in tournaments in Las Vegas, Hawaii, San Antonio, DC, and Ohio. They have beaten major programs both public and private such as Long Beach Poly, Dallas Carter, Mount Zion (Tracy McGrady days back when they were good), etc. Out of this current field, GDS has played regular season games against Miller School, Word of God, and Greenfield.

    2 – This year GDS was invited to tournaments in Florida, Puerto Rico, Myrtle Beach and California. They are choosing to stay home and play in the local tournament the Pizza Hut formerly known as the Little 4. I commend them for playing the community event oppose to abandoning it like Dudley did after they lost to GDS 3 years in a row in the event.

  3. Just as a fact: GDS has participated in the Glaxo aka the Holiday Invitational. That year it didn’t conflict with the Little 4. I bet they would participate in the event again if the event was moved the week before Christmas.

  4. Dear “what about GDS”,

    You sound like a bitter opponent commenting on a post that didn’t even pertain to GDS. You must have too much free time on your hands. If you posted on this article most likely it should have been pertaining to HP Christian boys or Dudley girls.

    Now you sound silly since they have played in the tournament before, this year it overlaps with the Pizza Hut, and they have played all over the country.



  5. Really Bearcats, Glaxo and Local Fan – you all are living in the past. I have followed GDS over the past 7 years and they have not played anybody of note that was not a conference or state league team. Even when GDS played Oak Hill a couple of years, they only played the B team and not the A team. GDS has not went more than 4 hours from home in 4 or 5 years to play teams better than an average local public school. Name 1 or even 2 schools that GDS has went to play or invited to GDS in the past 4 years that was considered a high level type of team. And don’t mention the Christ School, or Ravencroft type of schools which are a part of the 3A private school schedule that you have no real option since it affects your state seeding. There are powerhouse schools in Va, GA, SC, Tn and here in NC that GDS could be playing but instead all you see are the cupcake schools that will allow him to cruise to 1,000 wins on the back of good talent and poor schedules. Freddie is not doing his kids any favors by playing poor competition and he is simply padding his stat’s with cupcake win. Wake me up if Freddie ever decisions to play an Oak Hill, Montrose Christian or Dematha Catholic. Keep defending Freddie but you know it is true.

  6. @ Really….Greenfield School, Word of God, Upper Room, etc. Would you like for me to name more non state or conference games that are outside Guilford County or have I helped jolt your memory?

    Obviously, you don’t follow very closely.

  7. Local Fan:

    What does Dudley not participating in the “Guilty County PHI” have to do with GDS?? The Panthers simply chose to cut ties with the tournament for their own reasons and participate in other tournaments instead and I commend them for doing so. Nobody really takes the PHI seriously nowadays anyway. I hope Dudley NEVER comes back and continues to send their kids to other tournaments of interest.

  8. Facts – you are still pulling from the past. Greensboro Day played Greenfield School at the Christ School early season tourney last year, Word of God back in 2008, and Upper Room in 2011 (Rodney P scored 55 on GDS by the way). So you can only find 1 good program per year. As mentioned previously, GDS likely played those teams because they were trying to help their seeding in the State playoffs. Once again, why not play a school from the area or outside of the area that has nothing to do with your seeding for the States. Why not drop a few cupcakes and play 3 or 4 games per year that you could actually lose or get a proper challenge for your team. With 30-35 games per year, you should be able to at least play 12 or more games against real competition instead of the 7 or 8 today. What type of program plays 75% cupcakes and less than 25% challenge. I can see why Freddie has won 70% or more of his game each year – stay away from the big boy at all cost. This is why the high end players cannot even consider GDS – the schedule is too watered down.

  9. Maybe Greensboro Day School will play a better schedule this year since they have good players for both the boys and girls. They should consider playing teams such as Oak Hill, Thomasville Prep, Quality Education, and Winston Salem Prep. This is the year for GDS to strike with all those seniors. After this year, they may not be able to beat good JV teams.

  10. @ are you kidding me…

    1- Upper Room, Greenfield, Word of God do not help with their state seeding as they are not 3A private schools. — games such as this do not help their State seeding. (Greenfield an example of a team last year that has no impact on states)
    2- Neuse Christian was a regular season game last season… One not for state seeding who won 25+ games and had a top 150 player in Terry Henderson who will be at West Virginia in the fall. (they beat Upper Room last year… Team outside the area who has nothing to do with states)
    3 – Southwest Guilford & Smith HS were games against local teams that had nothing to do with states or the Pizza hut

    I would research more in depth before you start posting. Do you want me to go back before last season and talk about how Oak Ridge lost to them before the Bobcats – Pacers game in Charlotte?

  11. Again “Funny” you can only point to about 6 or 7 games per year out of 32-35 games that GDS may stand a chance of losing. If GDS would play real competition on a regular basis, this would not be an argument. Smith only had 3 “good” players and Southwest only had “2” good players with a lot of role players. If you think last years Smith and SW teams were teams that you should stick our chest out against, then maybe we are not talking about the same type of basketball. Even the Neuse Christian team that you referred to only had the “1” really good player, 2 other solid players and a bunch of average role players. I am talking about playing teams that have 4-7 deep good players that are going to play college basketball. Most teams that GDS will play will have 1 or maybe 2 players at a low D1 level or above at best. GDS will only play 4 or 5 teams all year with more than 2 D1 level players on the same team. GDS will have 5-8 players each year that are low D1 or better players which is great for their program but they are playing down on the schedule which is bad. The fact remains, Freddie will win 75% of his games simply because the competition cannot match his players ability. There are at least 10-15 schools within a 3-5 hour radius that Freddie could schedule every single year that can match or top his roster but he is afraid to play those programs and risk losing more than 5 or 6 games per year. Tell your coach to get the balls to play someone with talent on the other side and then the community outside of GDS will respect his coaching record.

  12. Just an observation from my past few years…

    GDS plays good competition. They are well coached. They have kids that are both good and play hard.

  13. I have followed high school hoops in North Carolina for awhile and GDS has played a strong schedule annually. Luckily, for this area the Triad has some good teams which is a positive for the community.

  14. Local fan, I fully agree with your comment: “I commend them for playing the community event oppose to abandoning it like Dudley did after they lost to GDS 3 years in a row in the event” Having lived in Greensboro all my life and watching the namesakes of this tournament (Smith, Dudley, Grimsley and Page), I also believe that when Dudley stopped being dominant in the tournament, they decided not to participate..so sad!

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