‘Going Back to Indiana’:Congratulations Greensboro Green on Winning the East Zone Colt Baseball Tournament!!!

*****Greensboro Green won the Colt Baseball East Zone Tournament on Sunday afternoon at Greensboro’s War Memorial Stadium, with their 9-8 win over the Youth Sevices team from New York, in the Championship game….Greensboro Green will now be ‘Going Back to Indiana’, as in Lafayette, Indiana, for the 2012 Colt Baseball World Series and we don’t have the dates on that event yet, but we will get it and publish it here this week….Again, Congratulations to the Greensboro Green team and their Coach Reid Holmes(Southwest Guilford High School) for their win on Sunday and good luck to the Green team, as they head back to Indiana for another World Series……Donnie Stowe and Jack, did another solid job of running the local Zone Tournament at War Memorial Stadium, this year…..*****

Greensboro Green Team 2012 East Zone Tournament Champions listed below and will list all of the schools for the players that we can, but if you know the others, let us know and we will add in…..

Zach McLean(High Point Central)

Colin Fowler(HP Central)

Trevor Gay(HP Central)

Marque Johnson

Avery Hodges(Ragsdale)

Matt Horkey(Ragsdale)

Tim Ambrose(Ragsdale)

Niko Orfanedes(Ragsdale)

Michael Matthews

Austen Zente(Southwest Guilford)

Andrew Bullock(SWG)

Nishant Polisetti(SWG)

Myles Sowell(Dudley)

Greg White(Dudley)

Kameron Pruitt