Top Ten High School Football Games to see this season in Guilford County

The ‘Big Games’, the ‘Must See Games’ and some of the most competitive games….Here is a ‘TOP TEN’ for 2012 and how do you see, do you agree and what is your ‘Top Ten’ or maybe your ‘TOP FIVE’ must see games for 2012?????

High Point Andrews vs. High Point Central at Simeon Stadium(August 17)
Page at Northern Guilford(August 24)
Dudley at Northern Guilford(August 31)
Northern Guilford at Northwest Guilford(September 7)
Smith at Dudley(September 14)
Page vs. Grimsley at Jamieson Stadium(September 28)
Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford(October 5)
Northeast Guilford at Southern Guilford(October 5)
Dudley at Southeast Guilford(October 5)
Page at Southeast Guilford(October 26)


  1. Page @ High Point Central
    N.W. Guilford @ High Point Central
    East Forsyth @ High Point Central

  2. Page vs Grimsley..really!! Everyone trys to hype this game just so people will go. Most Grimsley and Page students only go to one game a year and this is it. There are much better games out there.

  3. HPCFan42 we can’t wait to see this game also the Eagles are coming to town Bison you better be ready.

  4. I have received a couple of texts and E-mails that are saying what about games such as Ragsdale at Page and Ragsdale at Dudley and we had Northern Guilford vs. Eastern Guilford on the original list and had to drop that one to get the list down to the ‘Ten-Count’…..

    NWG-High Point Central could prove to get pretty big if NWG stays on the table like many are predicting they will….Many are calling for 1)EF, 2)NWG, 3)Ragsdale and 4)HPC in that conference…..Ragsdale-HPC could get big too…..

    A lot of this will depend on what is happening with the late stages of the season….NEG at Southern has Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference Championship written all over it…..

    Games with Dudley at SEG late and Page at SEG could well be what will decide the Metro 4-A this season…..Many are saying that SEG will have a strong say in how the league settles and SEG has been waiting for a shot to be in contention and then have Dudley and Page come to their place in back-to-back weeks with the title on the line……

  5. Don’t know how long you have been around Greensboro Falcon1 but the Page Grimsley game does not have to be hyped for people to attend in large numbers. There will be at least 5 times as many people at that game that will attend any of SEG’s games this year.

    This has nothing to do with how competative the game will be. I am also not disrespecting SEG. It is just a fact that lots of folks will be at that game rain or shine or how close the game may be. No hype just facts.

  6. From what out dates and numbers tell us, the PAGE at High Central game will be on Thursday August 30…..Thursday night game at Simeon Stadium with the Pirates visiting the Bison…..Somebody said that might be Justin Johnson’s birthday, not for sure…..

  7. Gfan, the game itself is not a “must see”, nor has it been “competitive” the past 30 years…. just a social gathering, the games arent even close. Falcon one has a valid point, I would rather watch paint dry than watch that over hyped drub fest year in and year out. SE will spank your whirlies just like they do in every sport. When it comes down to it, would you rather watch Page vs. Grimsley? or Page play Dudley? not evn close bud, dont fool yourself!

  8. Not Even Close.. thanks for the response.

    GFan, I been here almost 30 years. I stand by my comments.

  9. Make to sure you all take time to stop and enjoy this upcoming season and also be sure to post your “Top Five” must see games for this coming year….One strange thing is that Dudley opens the new stadium this season, but some of their big rivals won’t be coming over this year, including Smith, PAGE and SEG……Southern Durham coming in to Dudley on Aug. 17 and Ragsdale comes over. plus Grimsley, WG and maybe it is Southern Alamance this year…..

    Will be a fun season and take time to enjoy it and all of the scrimmages start one week from tomorrow(Wednesday)……

    Again, don’t forget to give us your ‘Top Five’ must see matchups for this upcoming season….

  10. You two need to ride together to the SEG vs SA game Sept 28th. Two major football powerhouses duke it out in a 400 seat stadium should be a major rivarly game. It might draw 2 maybe 300 parents.

  11. To quote Andy………………….The ‘Big Games’, the ‘Must See Games’ and some of the most competitive games…
    GFan, I think you missed the point of the post. Page vs Grimsley has some great history, but none of it recent.

  12. Gfan is a tool, be sure to hire another set of coaches after every single sports team has a losing record, loser!

    Page Dudley
    Page Northern
    NW Ragsdale
    Dudley Northern

  13. Thank You Damon for setting Andy and all the Whirlie fans straight about the Page-Grimsley game it is only a big social event as far as a Big Game or competitive game Andy needs to get over it and find another must see game that week.




  15. Read my post. I did not say that the Page – Grimsley game is or has been lately competitive or is not a social event. It is a big social event and is a”Big Game” and a “must see” for most of Greensboro. Two of the three criteria that Andy posted and who knows what will happen this year.

    As a reminder SEG lost to Dudley and to Page last year so are those games not worth attending? The Page score was 35-13. Not close or competitive so by your logic it should not be worth attending this year? No so I think both should be good, competitive games this year.

  16. The only thing you Must See at the Page-Grimsley game are some of your friends from years ago not much of a football game, I am going to check the schedule and see what really is the Big Game and Must See game for that week, I want to see a competitive football game not catch up with old friends, I bet by midway through the 3rd Qt 50% of the crowd has left because the game is not competitive.

  17. What makes so many of these ‘Must See’ games, is that you have to get to these games ‘to see’ if a certain team can actually win…..You ‘must see’ if Grimsley can possibly beat Page…..More times than not, they do not win, but each year it becomes a case of can they do it this year and then you must go see if it can happen if you are a Grimsley fan and if you are a Page fan, it is a ‘must see’ to see if the domination will continue…Grimsley beat Page a few times while Coach Todd Shuping was there and they beat the Pirates once under Coach Barry Stewart….If the Whirlies win, you ‘must see’ it to believe it and if you missed it, then it becomes shame on you…

    In other cases the same type deal applies and I have been studying this for many years, going back to the early 70’s…..For the most part a team like Southeast can not beat Dudley…..Had them beat last year, but the Falcons could not finish off the Panthers….SEG looks poised to give Dudley another big challenge this year and the game will be at SEG, this might just be SEG’s year….To my knowlege, SEG may have beaten Dudley once over the years, and that was back when Dick Kemp was at SEG, back in the early 80’s….Same goes for SEG-Page….Page pretty much has SEG’s number, but this year??? ‘Must see’ to see if SEG can pull it off and the Falcons have Page at home this season….(It will all come down to how well SEG is playing a the late stages of the season.)

    Page-Ragsdale was really ‘must see’ and then last year, Page beat Ragsdale in Jamestown and before that, Ragsdale pretty much had their number….Same story on Ragsdale-Northwest Guilford….Up until last year, Ragsdale had NWG’s number and then the Vikings went over to Jamestown and knocked off the Tigers….That game will remain ‘must see’ since it is a conference game and there is heat with those two….

    Northern Guilford-NWG ‘must see’ since Northern has beaten NWG each time that they have played and the games have been real close….NWG has NG at home this season, I believe and the Vikings feel that they can take them….

    WG-Ragsdale and WG-Southern used to be ‘must see’ cause WG couldn’t beat those two years ago and then they turned the tide….

    More will follow, but you now see the real story…

    *****Another ‘must see’ would NG-Eastern Guilford for EG….They have not defeated Northern yet and have not come very close, so this becomes a ‘Must See’ for the EG fans, to see if they can stop and top NG…..*****

    Now, I know that everyone is starting to see what I am talking about……

  18. Yea Stewart and Shuping both beat Page but both were fired too. That is why this game game is a must see. To see who the head coach of Grimsley is from one year to the next.

  19. Must see = The games that the majority of the population would like to see, not just the fans of those schools. So this, “xyz cant beat xyz” or “xyz hasnt beaten xyz” means squat to those people that dont attend those schools. Your question was…. what are “the big games” ” most competitive games” and “must see games”. Grimsley Page is not a game that the general population gives 2 craps about, PERIOD!!
    But I would bet money that Page Dudley, or Northern Dudley, Page Northern etc…. in fact, ARE!! case closed!! If you cant understand that than, go drink some more Kool aid.

  20. Since theers so little said about ragsdale football in the greensboro newspaper, like they aren’t even from this county, I don’t even know if they have the same qb this yr. Went with my aunt last year and they were good. Qb was good too. Who’s the qb at ragsdale this year??

  21. The way some of you are trying to make it sound, one would say the only ‘must see games’ will be the playoff games….The fans and students will tell you to get theire early for just about all of the games that I have mentioned and listed for you…..

    Ragsdale this season will have Coalson Herndon at QB and he did a real good job on the JV”s a few years back…..Was back-up to his brother Garrison last season…..

    Part of the theory is much like that of tree in the woods….If the tree fell and nobody was there to see it did it make a sound???? If the favorite falls and you weren’t there to see it????

    For many of the games the real importance will not take effect until after the first few weeks of the season and then we will know if they will be ‘must see’ and for some they will always be ‘must see’….The football fans have their particular schools that they follow and their games many times will be the only games that are ‘must see’ to them….They don’t really care about what the other schools are doing….They only care about their particular team, but some fans, they follow the entire county and in some regards parts of the entire state scheme…..

    Good topic and good input and we all appreciated it…..This is a good to keep rolling for a while….

  22. Jordan Putnam-Page
    Jake Simpson-Grimsley
    Richard Hayes-Dudley
    Will Greene-SEG
    Reid Flippin-Western
    Coalson Herndon-Ragsdale
    Andrew Ritz-NWG
    Justin Johnson-HP Central
    Heath Justice–Eastern Guilford
    Bernard Sindab, Ryan Dirks or Austin Coltrane-Northern
    Smith ?
    Southern ?
    Northeast Tyrone Hammer
    SWG Jason Caldwell
    HP Andrews ?

  23. Where is Underdogs Unite? I need someone to bicker at! where is Tracy eat? lol……

    P.S. You know I have to stir the pot, 2012 prediction, not one GC team makes a stae championship game….here we go!!

    Vegas MIke

  24. To: bah bah bah,
    I was typing on an Ipad, whats your excuse? since? really?
    I think you are the one who needs to shut up… you’re just showing your lack of education and its really sad.

    Vegas Mike

  25. Hey just because I know we will hear about him this year the. Orrect spelling of Herndon at Ragsdalenis Coleson. Great player and great kid,

  26. I am a mommas boy, I love my mom. Apparently yours didnt love u too much. Egotisitcal? sure… I love myself, so should you! but I have to ask you…. what was so hard to comprehend what i was asking? are u just stupid? or is your iphone?

    Vegas Mike

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