‘The Fantom’ Fan of the Month Contest Winner

This month’s winner is Stephanie Stutts and she will receive the Four Dozen Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Mr. Justin Bennett on Battleground Avenue….Four Tickets to a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game…..Four ‘T’ Shirts from Jennifer Dunn and PawPrints ‘T’ Shirt specialists….Four car washes from Taylor McCaskill and the WaterWorks Car Washes….The ‘Fan of the Month’ plaque from Norb Burske and Crown Trophy on Spring Garden Street at West Market……

Congratulations to Stephanie Stutts, The ‘The Fantom’ Fan of the Month……

2 thoughts on “ ‘The Fantom’ Fan of the Month Contest Winner

  1. I’m putting in a formal request with the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office to investigate the connection between all these Stutts entries and the ringleader of this contest, Andy “Durham” Stutts.

  2. You may want to talk to my sister, Bertha “Butts” Stutts, but you will have to get in line behind James “Kamala” Harris….He was in line before you and our reps with the MWF are hearing and responding to his problems as I write this and they should have reached their findings by 4:30pm and then Dawn Marie will read the results at our next scheduled monthly meeting…..(August 15)….

    Resistance Rescue will React….

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