New Football Stadium at Northwest Guilford High School

Got a good look today at the new Billings Stadium, on the Northwest Guilford campus and they have new seating on the home and visitor’s side, a brand new field house, new track, new press box and everything looks so good with the new look at Northwest Guilford….

Caught the construction crews in action, as they were taking care of some last minute details and also got a look at the football team, as they were in shoulder pads, shorts and helmets today and they have a very good turnout of players at Northwest Guilford this season….We saw the JV’s and varsity working together and NWG has a great youth football feeder system that brings players in from the Stokesdale youth program and from the Oak Ridge Colts….The Stokesdale team has been playing in the Rockingham County Youth Football League and those kids know the Northwest offense as soon as they hit age 10 and it carries right on over to the NWG Varsity and JV programs….Last year the Stokesdale youth team was (10-0) the NWG JV’s were (10-0) and the Varsity NWG Vikings were right at (10-3)….Not a bad chain of development……

CLICK BELOW and you can check out our visit to Northwest Guilford today…..We’ll see work going on, on and off of the field and it was hot and we were moving…Just our luck, just as we were finishing, the sun went behind the clouds and the shade made it’s way back into Billings Stadium…..Not sure of Mr. Billings first name, but his sons were Randy and Terry and they were good football players at Western Guilford High School back in the day…


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