John Cougar Mellencamp’s son joins the Duke football team as a walk-on

He used to be Johnny Cougar back in his days a musician coming out of Seymour, Indiana and then after “We ‘Aint Even Done With The Night”, he started coming on board as John Cougar Mellencamp and then on to be John Mellencamp and now his son Hud, has hit football camp, as in fall practice, with the Duke Blue Devils…..

Hud is in preseason camp with the Devils as a defensive back and he is really just trying out for the team, since he has never played football before….Mellencamp(Hud) stands 5’11/165 and again, he has NO football experience, but he does have a background in boxing and at Duke in recent years, NO football experience has been reason to put some football players on the field as regular players, or at times, it has looked like that has been the game plan…..

Let’s hear if for Hud, and say hey bud, you might just make this team in a year where the word is that Duke needs come home a WINNER, at the end of the season….

For the full word on Hud Mellencamp and even though he stands just 5’ll and goes 165, you can’t call this kid a ‘Scarecrow’, them’s fightin’ words to a former boxer….

For that full word on Hud 1, Hud 2, Hud 3 and GO!!! CLICK HERE and you can inside the Duke Hud-dle for the word on HUD……(News coming from….