Eric Ebron(Smith HS) says he is ready for this season to get started at North Carolina

He’s big, quick and he has good hands, but he didn’t get to play in last year’s bowl game for the North Carolina Tar Heels…..This season, he is ready and says it is time to put that experience behind him and to learn from it and he is also ready to grow and mature as an individual, who is ready to take care of matters both on and off of the football field…Says he wants to steer clear of the media and stay on course and in his courses at Chapel Hill, in 2012….

Eric Ebron(Smith High School) says he is ready for the new football season to begin and you can check out what he and his former high school coach Rodney Brewington are saying about all of this, when you CLICK HERE for David Morrison and the News and Record from…..