Carolina Panthers on ROCK 92 for radio this season

The Carolina Panthers will be on ROCK 92 radio/92.3FM this season…..The first game will be on Saturday night versus the Houston Texans…..Panthers on ROCK 92??? I still think they would have been a much better fit on RUSH Radio 94.5FM…ROCK 92 has no sports presence, but maybe this will give them one…The do hit NASCAR pretty hard, but that is not a sport….You can do what those drivers do when you play a video game….Who is the athlete, the driver or the car??? I will go with the car…..The driver just sits back and goes along for the ride….Just like in horse racing….The true athlete is the horse and jockey is just along for the ride….Who does the work, the horse does….Who do they feed the hay and oats to??? The horse….Where do you put the gas for the race??? In the car, the driver does not fuel up on gasoline…..

Keith Jackson always said, “Whoa Nellie”….He didn’t say “Whoa Willie”, as in Willie Shoemaker…..

When they say “put your brakes on, there’s trouble in turn two”, are they telling the driver to put his brakes on or does he put on the brakes of the car???

The driver can’t put his brakes on, because he is not Fred Flintstone and he doesn’t use his feet to stop the car……The car’s brakes stop the car…..

If you take away the cars and you take away the horses do you still have a race??? No way, because the drivers and jockeys are not athletes and the public will not pay to see them….

You could run the NASCARs on remote control and you would still get a similar effect and you turn a pack of fast horses loose and watch them run in designated lanes and it will still be the thrill of the run, to see which horse will finish in first….Five horses in designated straight lanes that have some sort of controlled lanes and you are watching the run for the roses…..

Fans know the horses names from over the years, as the animals have run for the roses with ‘Man of War’, ‘Secretariat’, Seattle Slew, Barbaro, Smarty Jones, Affirmed, I’ll Have Another, and others, but they can’t tell the jockey’s names; Willie Shoemaker and that is it….

Fans know the NAS-CAR’s #’s, but not the drivers….#3, #43, #7, #11, #8 and on we go….Ricky Rudd, Randy Travis, and ???, and that’s about it on the driver’s names…..

Wonder why the Panthers didn’t end up on the Triad Sports Network??? They could have gone with 1320, 1230, 1200 and thrown in 600AM WSJS and you could have covered the market, even at night….But you know what they say about the power of FM and they say that Chris Kelly and Chris Deim are real BIG in this market…That is what they say and funny it is how that the Rhino Times, of all people, had to break this story….If it hits the Rhino, it has hit the back of the check-out line…..

And on we go with the Panthers on the radio on Saturday night, on ROCK 92FM…..

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  1. They could not go with the Triad Sports Network because they are all AM and all 3 of their stations will fade in areas that they are suppose to have good coverage (trust me I am in sales and they fade often). I am absolutely happy they did not go with Rush Radio 94.5fm which is one of the few stations left that continues to push the undercover racist agenda. I am also glad that they did not go with 600am which I stopped listening to nearly 12 years ago because they carried the Rush show which meant that they did not want me in this market. As far as the Rhino is concerned, I agree if the they are the ones breaking the news that we are all in trouble in this market. Why is a tabloid paper breaking news over the local lead newspaper which is suppose to be the N&R. Can someone please take the story up to the N&R’s downtown office left them know which station the team will be on. Note to N&R – if you continue to implement your pay walls, you will become the 5th or less ranked news source in this market within the next 1-2 years. is probably the #1 or #2 source in Greensboro already. It will be interesting to see who takes over for news and entertainment. Thanks for the info Andy – I will pre-set my car radio this afternoon.

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