Video footage from last night’s Northern Guilford-Chesterfield, South Carolina HS football scrimmage

Raw video footage from last night’s football scrimmage at Northern Guilford and we have it for you and it is unedited from the very beginning and we have several minutes of the game for you, with a look at the game from the sidelines, where all of the action begins….

Pretty good stuff and this will give you a good feel for the upcoming season, from down on the field and I do beleive that we got all three of the NG touchdowns in here….Not bad for a one-man band when it comes to our camera hand and now we will hand the game over for you to enjoy, when you Click On below…..Here you go and we have at least a half-hour of footage for you to enjoy….High School Football Season is HERE and here it is….Don’t forget to Click On and stay on board with us for the entire season…..


  1. Andy….???…..saw the young man practicing this morning over at Spencer-Dixon.

  2. Maybe things changed…I can only tell what I heard last night and Northern looked good in the scrimmage, that is all that matters to them now….If you are a scout of sort, we will do all we can to help, but we can only do so much…This sports business is a day to day business and after the game you have to move on to get ready for the next one….Players can help teams , but you can’t let a player make or break your team, even if it your top player….Coaches will tell you that and you have to trust your coaches….I thought Northern practiced in the afternoons???

  3. How bout my boy TJ Logan! He touches the ball once and takes it to the house from about 30 some yards out. TJ is the real deal people! Might just be the best RB in all of North and South Carolina!!!!

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