How will the NCAA address UNC’s academic fraud???(Sporting News says UNC>Penn State)

This is starting to get very deep and Matt Hayes, with The Sporting News, is telling his readers that this may run deeper and in the end, require more sanctions than what we saw go down last month, at Penn State…..How will NCAA chief Mark Emmert handle the problems at UNC, after he dropped the hammer on Penn State??? Two entirely different situations, but Hayes says UNC has run afoul and has been much more out of control than Penn State was, and that is getting pretty deep there…..This is deep/serious, stay with us…..Hayes says the UNC fraud is much more serious than the ‘Sex Scandal’ at Penn State, involving Jerry Sandusky and top Penn State administrators….This is starting to sound ‘real serious’…..

Hayes says this is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of academic problems and rampant academic fraud and he goes on to say at

In Chapel Hill, N.C., the entire university is complicit in a systemic charade of bogus, no-show classes for athletes; a scheme that—you’re gonna love this part—the NCAA missed while investigating North Carolina over the past two years.

Fortunately, the man with the Big Stick has the Raleigh News & Observer doing the heavy lifting, exposing the real threat to the foundation of intercollegiate athletic sports. Or as my athletic director friend said, “Pandora’s Box.”

We have seen a few E-mails and received several comments on this topic today and that is why we have this up here for you now and you can read on when you CLICK HERE and most of your local sports outlets still have not touched on this one and thanks to all of those that have been hitting us with this info today…..

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