Former Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, “Wonders who is minding the store”

More in today on the academic fraud investigations going on at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill…From today’s News and Record(, by way of the News and Observer with Dan Kane….

Burley Mitchell, a former chief justice of the state Supreme Court and a member of the UNC system Board of Governors, said “the whole thing disturbs” him.

“The entire program over there has been an unguided situation,” Mitchell, a graduate of N.C. State, said Monday. “It doesn’t seem like anybody’s in charge.”

Further troubling Mitchell is that it seems that all the revelations are being uncovered and exposed by the N&O(News and Observer) and Pack fans(N.C. State Wolfpack), not the UNC-CH administration and trustees.

“It just seems to keep coming and coming,” Mitchell said. “I wonder who is minding the store.”

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