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New today from Gregg Doyel on the Academic Scanal at UNC-Chapel Hill, at

Where was North Carolina’s leadership in all of this? Where was the UNC president, the athletics director, the coaches for football and — yes — basketball? Where were they?

In summary Doyel says: It’s time for the NCAA to start digging. In the meantime, North Carolina should get a head start on some of its own chores.

For starters? There are some banners at the Smith Center that need to come down.

Read all from Gregg Doyel and it will be worth your time when you CLICK HERE…..

*****Don’t know where all of this is going, but it is getting deep….*****

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  1. I have been on the other end of Greg Doyle’s comments. It’s no fun. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, even the heels. But when he calls them out it tells you have bad this has gotten.

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