Quick ACC wrap-up from around Raleigh and Chapel Hill:Rodney Purvis not in class at State, Mark Gottfried gets scammed by Jim Donnan and Jim Martin to look into Academic Fraud at UNC

from WRALSportsFan.com:

Raleigh, N.C. — Classes started for North Carolina State University Thursday but incoming basketball player Rodney Purvis was not in attendance.

Purvis is not permitted to attend classes until he receives clearance from the NCAA eligibility center.

“We are working on it. His status is still under review,” NC State Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director Chris Kingston told WRAL Thursday.

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Atlanta — North Carolina State University basketball coach Mark Gottfried lost more than $300,000 in an alleged Ponzi scheme run by a former University of Georgia football coach Jim Donnan, records show.

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from www.wral.com:

Chapel Hill, N.C. — Leaders at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill have asked former Gov. Jim Martin to lead an investigation into academic improprieties at the school. Martin will coordinate with an outside consulting group and will report his findings to the UNC Board of Governors.

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  1. #1: NCAA – Please get that kid’s situation squared away asap. One way or another. So he can do what is neccessary.

    #2: Ouch

    #3: Keep digging. UNC has got to get this crap cleaned out. No matter the cost.

  2. His high school did not get his paperwork in on time and with this being the first graduatiing class from his HS the NCAA has to confirm the schools accreditation.

  3. I read where someone said with Holden Thorpe appointing the people to do the investigation it’s like Jerry Sandusky picking his own jury, they need an outside investigation like Penn State did to get the real answers expect nothing to come from this “investigation”

  4. What if this is the last ditch effort for UNC to maintain the coverup?
    Then once again posters on Packpride expose them yet again.

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