Interview with Dudley Panthers Football Coach Steven Davis

Stopped over on Lincoln Street this evening after the Dudley Panthers’ practice and got the word from Coach Steven Davis about the big win by the Panthers over Southern Durham last Friday night, in their new Tarpley Stadium and what Dudley can expect from Ragsdale, when the Tigers come over to Dudley, this Friday night….

Click Below and check out today’s one-on-one with Coach Davis….


  1. I really like Coach Davis’ mentality going into this game against Ragsdale. He’s confident in his kids but he knows Ragsdale is good enough to beat them. I see the panthers winning is a close one. Its going to be hard to stop Ragsdale’s offense with that up-tempo system their running. Herndon, Eleazer, Jones, Pantuso and Walker all showed out on Friday based on the box score. But I still think Dudley is just too strong on offense for Ragsdale to handle.

  2. PantherPride, couldn’t agree more on Davis’ attitude going into the Game vs. Ragsdale. I have Dudley winning this one but only because of the history of the 2 teams against eachother in the passed 5 years. Dudley is 3-0 at Tarpley vs Ragsdale and Ragsdale is 2-0 against Dudley at their place.

    I was at the Ragsdale/Grimsley game last Friday and PantherPride is right about Ragsdale offense. Xavier Jones, “X-Man”, as the announcer was calling him, and Eleazer are 2 of the best backs around. Colson Herndon did a good job of managing the game. He made accurate throws and showed he had some speed around the edge. They probably could’ve hung 3 more TD on Grimsley if they would’ve let him throw it a little more. I don’t remember hearing much about Joe Pantuso of Ragsdale last year, but he made a name for himself in Week 1. He must’ve had over 100 Rec yds and 2 TD. However, sloppy defense from the tigers. LB Sparks and DT Craig looked good, and the Ragsdale secondary looked decent, but other than that they were just sloppy on D. Too many missed tackles.

    Remember QB Garrison Herndon of Ragsdale last year? Big pocket-passer? I saw him play twice last year, and he was one of the best pure passers, NOT QB, but pure passers Ive seen in this area in a long time…After seeing his brother Colson fill in his position on Friday, its interesting how the two brothers play style is nothing alike. Usually brothers that play the same position play alot alike but not in this case. The younger brother, Colson, can throw, but nothing like his brother. He’s 10x faster than Garrison though. The younger one, current starter, sort of reminds me of Page QB Will Newman who was there before the James Summers era.

    I still think Dudley wins this one, 35-31. I think Hayes(5 TD in Week 1) and Herndon will both have big games. I’ll be at this game for sure, wouldn’t be suprised to see Joe Pantuso in the endzone a couple times again this week.

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