Rodney Purvis now attending classes at N.C. State

N.C. State basketball recruit Rodeny Purvis has been cleared to begin attending classes at North Carolina State University, but he still has not been cleared to play basketball for the Wolfpack…

Purvis is in class, while he waits for his eligibility to be resolved….The NCAA is looking into the academic programs at Upper Room Academy, the school that Purvis graduated from back in May….The NCAA has called into question the core academic program at the Upper Room and they are reviewing the school(Upper Room), since they have only been around for about 4 years total….New school and have they met the NCAA’s requirements for athletic partcipation, at N.C. State???

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+++++In summary, you have to wonder, if you can go to class, then whey can’t you go to basketball practice??? Where does one academic requirement, override the other? You are eligible for class, but not eligible for sports? You would think it would be tougher to get into class, than it would be to get into practice….If they don’t get this Upper Room issue worked out, I see RP gone from N.C.(State)….+++++