High School Football Picks

This week, radio coverage begins as well as our official High School Football Picks contest.

Last week, we had to toss several entries as people failed to complete the info when submitting their picks; but it was just for FUN anyway. We had 4 players, all with one loss: JD Higgins, Kedrick Russell, Kenneth Dickerson and Howard Harvell

Wednesday at 6 PM, EDT, we will begin our New Contest. Here are the rules:
1. One entry per person.
2. In the event of multiple entries, the last one submitted will be used. All previous entries are void.
3. All entries must include an email address and contact telephone number.
4. We will post 13 games, not selecting a game is counted as a loss.
5. Deadline for Entries is 7:00 PM on Friday (Exceptions will be noted.)
6. There will be one winner each week.
7. The Winner is determined by the most wins selected. In case of ties, the earliest entry will win.
8. Once an individual has won, they may continue playing. They will be ineligible for the weekly prize.
9. There is no fee to entry.
10. All entries are the property of GreensboroSports.com.
11. GreensboroSports.com is not responsible for late submissions, errors or other issues that may result in a contestant’s entry being not submitted.
12. GreensboroSports.com will not share names/email addresses/phone numbers of contestants with any outside entity, organization or business.
13. Winners may be required to have picture taken for publicity purposes.

Good luck and we’ll see everybody at 6 PM tonight.