High School Scoring Desk – Friday – August 24, 2012

10:40 PM – Update #12
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High Point Andrews – 7
Smith – 0

Asheboro – 17
High Point Central – 24

4th Qtr
Eastern Guilford – 32
Southwest Guilford – 27

Northeast Guilford – 12
Southeast Guilford – 49

Northwest Guilford – 46
Western Guilford – 0

Page – 7
Northern Guilford – 14

Ragsdale – 27
Dudley – 20

Wheatmore – 0
High Point Christian – 27

Winston-Salem Atkins
Bishop McGuinness

Bartlett Yancey – 13
McMichael – 34

From Coach Turk – FINAL
Winston-Salem Carver – 12
West Forsyth – 41

Central Davidson – 14
Randleman – 7

Charlotte Vance – 34
Winston-Salem Parkland – 9

Chatham Central

Burlington Cummings
Eastern Alamance

East Davidson

From Coach Turk
East Forsyth – 21
Mount Tabor – 0

East Montgomery
Providence Grove

Graham – 17
Western Alamance – 23

Eden Morehead
Granville Central

Mount Airy – 21
Thomasville – 14

North Davidson – 7
Ledford – 3

North Forsyth

R.J. Reynolds

From Coach Turk – Final
Reidsville – 20
Rockingham County – 13

Southwestern Randolph
Eastern Randolph

Burlington Williams – 20
Southern Alamance – 7

3rd Qtr
Harrells Christian Academy – 77
Forsyth Country Day – 0

Morehead – 20
Granville Central – 16

Off: Grimsley, Southern Guilford


  1. What a totally awesome game at Dudley

    Ragsdale and Dudley played one for the ages. Too many big plays and players to name them all

  2. Wow I guess those who said Ragsdale is not for real and Dudley is unbeatable were…wrong. Page played Northern tighter than most thought. SEG rolls again.

    The Metro is going to be very interesting this year.

  3. Not a Northern or Page Fan – Went to game due to game of the week and two state champs. Very tight game. Northern had a lot of players down between plays – Page played tougher than last week. There was a Page TD called back that no one seems to know the reason for – took it back close to the 50 yard line. Anyone out there know what happened? Page QB was strong all night long. Northern switched out their QB second half and had a better passing game. Good game to see –

  4. Congrats to our Nighthawks. Page gave us a pretty good game and close to the end. Page QB has a very good arm and gave us a few scares. TJ was slowed down by the defense but managed to still help bring it home. Great game!

  5. Hearbreaking loss for Page tonight, made all the more frustrating because this is a game the Pirates could have-and should have-won.

    First off, big congrats to the Page defense. They played as gustsy a game as I’ve ever seen. They held vaunted tailback T.J. Logan in check most of the game. The Page defense was swarming to the ball and stopped Northern on three fourth down conversions. Brewer, Mayfield, Lynch and the rest of the crew were more than up to the task tonight. Congrats to Coach Weeks for a great preparation during the week.

    Northern scored on their very first play of the gam, on an incredible reverse-field run by Logan, but it was called back on an illegal procedure penalty. Northern struggled most of first half with penalties. Page took a 7-0 lead on a long drive kept alive by numerous Northern infractions. Jordan Putnam threw a touchdown pass for a first half Page lead. Putnam looked more comfortable tonight, hitting receivers in stride, showing good accuracy and touch on the mid-range passes.

    In the second half, some strange things occurred. Page pinned Northern back deep in their territory. On third and 11 from their own 11 yard line, Page was whistled for a foolish pass interference call on A.J. Capel. It was not a great pass but Capel got his hands on the receiver while the ball was in the air. The penalty led to a long Northern touchdown drive, but their extra point attempt was blocked and Page still led 7-6.

    Page drove to midfield and Putnam executed a beautiful pump fake and hit the receiver (I think it was Morrison?) in stride who made a great run after the catch and scored. But in one of the most egregious calls I have ever seen in high school football, and I’ve seen some beauts, the referee called a personal foul. On who? No one knew. Gillespie was apopleptic. The phantom BS call nullified the TD. A few plays later Putnam fumbled a snap and appeard to recover it. One referee marked him down. But a Northern defender got his hands on the ball and advanced it downfield. A penalty flag was thrown. The refs gave the ball to Northern. Northern went down and scored, converted the 2 points and led 14-7.

    Page wasn’t done yet. They drove to the Northern 20 yard line. On third and 5, Putnam completed a five yard pass. But Northern got a very favorable spot and Page was faced with 4th and inches inside the 20 yard line.

    Regardless of the homer calls, a defending state champ team should be able to pick up 4th an inches with the game on the line. Putnam is not as big as James Summers, but he is certainly big enough to take a snap from center and push ahead for a first down. And an offensive line should be able to get enough push to get the first down. However, Gillespie opted to line up in the shotgun formation, called a read option and Putnam was tackled behind the line of scrimmage. Game over.

    I said earlier this week that Page needed to keep this a low-scoring game for a chance to win. They did that. They could have at least taken this game into overtime. I am surprised that Gillespie does not have a short yardage play in his playbook for such a situation. I’ve never been a fan of taking a snap four yards behind the line of scrimmage on 4th and inches. But regardless of the call, that is a play you have to make.

    To be fair, Page was playing without their starting tailback Wilson and was basically operating on a tailback by committee all night long. Also their starting right tackle Mullholland, was out with an injury. That’s unfortunate; Page is thin enough due to graduation.

    Page had the opportunity to overcome some truly horrendous calls by the refs tonight. But their defense showed a lot of improvement and Putnam was finding his rhythm tonight. With some hard work and some players getting healthy, they could well iron things out and be improved by the time conference play starts.

    T.J. Logan is indeed a special player but Northern is going to need a heck of a lot more than him to three-peat this year.

  6. John – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Phantom call really? In a game like this. Ridiculous

  7. It wasn’t clipping. It doesn’t take 10 minutes to figure out clipping. It was a personal foul.

  8. One poster above said it was clipping. I did not see the ref signal clipping; I only saw him signal a personal foul. I did not see the ref make the traditional right hand at the knee motion.

    I think AD Rusty Lee would do well to investigate this call further. The officiating in this conference is a freaking disgrace.

  9. Solid job by Jordan Putnam tonight for Page and I think that Page offensive line is impressive…Their size alone can get your attention in a hurry…Both teams had TD’s called back and Austin Coltrane was the spark that got Northern moving in the second half when he took over at QB….Malik Parker also gave Northern a push when he was in there at RB for NG…The big backfield packages with Bernard Sindab, Ripberger and Ryan Johnston also seemed to work well….Tevin Morrison had a solid receiving night for Page and he looks like he will do a good job as the Pirates’s primary receiver this season….Kind of reminds you of Orlando Hatfield in some ways, but Hatfield was really good at the ripping the ball away from the defenders…TJ Ruff was there on time for NG on defense and stepped up on more than one occasion….

    Fun game to watch, since it was in doubt right up till late in the game and both teams showed signs of promise coming out of this game and both know that they still have things to work on….Coach Weeks did one heck of job bringing his defense back this week for Page and he has said that this Page defense has to find it’s own identity and they did a lot of that tonight….Page will be ready to contend if they can keep on coaching some of those young kids up…..

    Northern has the makings of a very good team and next week will be another good test with Dudley coming out to Spencer Dixon Road….Tre Purcell is another kid that played well for NG tonight…..

    It will be a very quick turn around for Page, with the Pirates heading to Simeon Stadium to face High Point Central next Thursday night….

    With all of those cramps hitting him and he defenders that were hitting him, I don’t think we saw the real TJ Logan tonigiht….He will probably get more done in the weeks to come, once he gets those cramps under control, but take nothing away from Page, their defense was ready for TJ tonight…..

    Again, a game that was much, much better than some had predicted…..

  10. Ragsdale had one called back tonight with about 60 + yards of penalties. Winston Craig recovered a Dudley fumble and ran it back about 80+ yards for what looked like a 14-0 lead but there were flags on both 40 yard lines and when the dust was settled Ragsdale was moved all the way back to their own 12 yard line.

    Refs weren’t very good tonight at Dudley. Too many flags on the field going both ways. But even still it was a fantastic back and forth ball game. Very impressed by the Ragsdale Defense tonight. They brought it all night long. Ragsdale O line played great too.

    Ragsdale had to come from behind twice in the second half scoring with about a minute left to tie it up. And that Ragsdale D pushed Dudley back in OT and #24 for Ragsdale intercepted in the end zone on 4th down.

    Really pleased with how well Ragsdale ran the ball on Dudley tonight. Line gave Herndon time most of the night too. Jones and Eleazer both had good games. Walker had a TD catch and Pantuso made several big catches tonight.

    On D – everybody played great. Craig was making plays and so was Bryce Walker and Fred Davis. Sparks was all over the field. Nwokolo and Sams got good pressure on the edges. Dudley could not run inside on Ragsdale tonight.

    One of the most exciting games I’ve seen in who knows how long.

  11. Page Fan / John says—-why make excuses for the loss. The to be fair comment makes me laugh and you discredit what both teams did last night. I saw a hard fought game between two defending state champs. Very poor execution and sloppy play in the first half from NG but blaming the refs for anything is weak. Page had a game under thier belt and had all week to work out the bugs. This was Northerns 1st game….The NG defense was the big difference in the game….as far as the personal foul penalty….it appeared to be a comeback block on a Page player that was helmet to helmet…..uncalled for at any level and should be called every time.

  12. John I guess it is ok to call out the refs and your own coaches but how about not calling out your kids by name. Page will be back they are just inexperienced this year and need to get a few games under their belt. That is what these nonconference games are for.

  13. The principal at Western is doing great things academically. The PTA is getting very active and getting things done for the school. Maybe it’s time for Western’s AD to step up and make some coaching changes.

  14. Gimme A Break, I did state in my recap that Page still could have put the game into overtime had they converted on 4th and short. They still had control of their own destiny. If Page had converted on 4th and short, it could well have changed the final two minutes of the game. At the very least, Page could have tied it and sent it into OT.

    That does not excuse the very poor officiating. The phantom personal foul call (helmet to helmet? Seriously? Who threw the block?) and the spot of the ball that should have been first and ten but was 4th and inches…THAT discredits the game.

    GFan, please don’t make me explain what should be obvious to you every week. No one got called out. I don’t know how many ways I can write that Page played a gutsy game and the defense was vastly improved. Heck they held Logan to 83 yards on 21 carries.
    Mark, Ragsdale had a big win. I know you enjoyed that game.

  15. John there is no need to explain since I am simple but I thought I read

    “Page was whistled for a foolish pass interference call on A.J. Capel.”

  16. The call on PAGE was for taunting, Page player made a good block but he stood over the NG player “taunting” him. Side Judge made the call and it’s 15 yards from point of foul. Ask PAGE head coach he will tell you that the right call was made. Execution is will win you more games than anything else, Page do not have it when it counted.

  17. Football Fan, you have got to be kidding. “Taunting”? How is standing over a player taunting? And besides, that is not a personal foul, that is unsportsmanlike conduct. The call the ref made was personal foul, which connotes an illegal hit, hands to the face, etc.

    As for your quote “Execution is will win you more games than anything else…” bad grammar and syntax aside, Page executed that play beautifully. It was a legit touchdown.

    Taunting? Total BS.

  18. I still think you have to hand it to both teams for the effort that we saw on Friday night…The kids from both sides played their guts out and with Capel, if he had a ‘slip-up’ on defense he more than made up for it on offense…He gave Page a threat from his runningback spot….

    There were questionable calls on both sides of the ball and when the officials have to take five minutes to arrive at a decision that is not a good thing….That leaves a lot out there for debate…

    The file is closing quickly and both teams and all of the teams have to start getting ready for their next games….Page at HP Central has to become the Pirates’ focus now as that game comes up real quick this Thursday night and then Northern will face a very tough Dudley team coming off of that heartbreaking loss in OT to Ragsdale….Quick recovery by Dudley is going to crucial too for the Panthers….They have to file that Ragsdale game and now place their attention toward NG…

    SEG, NWG and Ragsdale are teams that are definitely emerging…..These are three teams that are really stepping up…Do we say 1)NG, 2)Ragsdale, Tie for 3)SEG and NWG….Is that the current fit??? NWG and SEG have not faced the real power opponents yet, but they will and Dudley still has to be right there with those teams and HP Central is looming very close right there in the mix…..There will some separation coming, but not quite yet……

    Very good start to the season…

  19. John,

    That was the call made-right, wrong, or indifferent. It is like speeding on the highway-most people do it but only few get caught. That still doesn’t make it right. With that being said, as an official, I would never let that decide the outcome of the game. The game needs to be decided on the field.

  20. @ gimme a break…..There was no helmet to helmet contact at all!!! The block was a great block!!!!…….@ All the games says….if u where at the game did u see the player from NG that got hit kick the Page player that was standing over him in the chest on the same play??? I guess u and the side judge missed that!!! @ football fan….if u r a football fan then tell me how standing over someone is taunting him, he never said anything or did anything that was out of the way….It was a great block and NG player just got rocked!!! it is football after all!! If anything NG player should have got the penalty!!! But I don’t blame this loss on the refs, just wanted all of u to get the facts correct!!!” Page coaching staff needs to get it together! They made a terrible call last week when they faked the punt and got sacked for a loss on the play that changed the whole flow of the game!!! Then last night they steady letting the QB run the ball when he is probably one of the post accurate passers in the state!! Then they go to #2 one time in the 2nd half, which was in the 4th qtr for a big 1st down!! The kid is probably the most athletic kid they have and scored the only TD they had and u go to him only 1 time in 2nd half?????? Let him run the ball!!! get to the outside and use his ability!!! In the 1st half he didn’t drop one pass! Let’s Get togeather coaching staff!! While this is not the same team u had last year, its still a very talented team that can go far!!! U coaches need to use the talent you do have in the correct places!!!

  21. Dear Northern Pride. –
    I would save your boasting of ” you are going to whip Dudley” (I won’t finish the rest because it is unflattering) until you actually do. Also – I know who stole something from Page last night btw – the refs. Better watch out. Your cockiness might just get you!

  22. What a joke – a TD called back for a taunting call away from the ball. My son over the years tells me about all the junk that is talked on the field constantly by players – I have never seen a call for any of that. That is a disgrace. If you are going to call taunting then just call any smack talk refs – otherwise let the boys play football.

  23. Norhern won and Page lost……………Nothing said on this message board is going to change the score from last night’s game. Move on. Nothing to see here. I’ve got Dudley over Northern. I just don’t think Northern is that good. Also, Page showed you the blue print on how to contain (You’re not going to completely stop him) Logan. I think Page is can’t wait for Thursday night to get here. I’ve got Page.

  24. I agree with Damon..move on but I don’t agree that NG is not good. Coaches will make the adjutments and the team will improve each week. 1st game and the “D” allowed 7 points!!!! I will say as a NG fan and if the tables were turned we would more than likely be on here questioning that call as well. IMO the NG stopping Page on 4th 4th and inches was the clincher. Both teams have some work to do going into next week.

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