It is warm right now, but you will need a jacket soon:Why don’t the athletes wear the Letterman Jackets anymore???(Why did they die?)

These are not the Daivd Letterman jackets, we are talking about the athletic letterman jackets….

You get that first varsity letter and then you get the pins for all of the years after, as you keep on earning your letter and you get the captain’s pins and other small champion’s ribbons and other stuff, you can put on your jacket….Sometimes you would just buy it outright or your school might do a sports fundraiser, to help pay for your jackets….

Maybe some of you could answer this question???

How come letterman jackets are no longer popular?

Is it just a sign of the times? A southern thing not to wear them? Or what….?

One of our readers says:
When I was in high school (in a Yankee state), they were a great source of pride.

They were a source of pride and in cool weather, you wore that jacket to all of the road trips….

Once a source of Pride, but has that pride has died, and why did the Pride and the letterman jacket die???

I(AD) remember back in the day when I got mine, I never put the letter on it….I used to like to wear it around without the letter on it and that would raise a few eyebrows and create some discussion for a while….I had the letter and something like 7 or 8 of those pins for yearly letters received…..Our school sold birthday calendars to help pay for the jackets…Interesting concept back in the day….Buy the overall calendar and pay an extra fee to have your birthday and other family members’ birthdays listed…..

Why did the letterman jackets die?????

Crazy thing is, I still have mine at home in the closet, still without that letter on it and it fits fine today, just as good as it did many years ago……Don’t wear it, but it looks good……The letter is stored away with the pins in a box, along with a few other sports items from back in the day….Look them over every few years….

The question remains…..

Why did the letterman jackets die?????

*****I started to grab me one back in college, but I think you had to buy them at that level, even if you played on the teams and one is good enough, if you ask me……*****


  1. Some kids do. They are making a comeback at some schools. Cost is one issue. And not many people sell them. Graham Sporting goods has them but they are expensive.

  2. I recall they weren’t cheap back in my high school days. But we did fund raisers to offset the cost. From a quick web search, I found some for $130 – $180 without bulk purchasing discounts. About the price of new Air Jordans!

    I think it’s worth mentioning to our schools PTA.

  3. Cameron Smith (Class of 2012), a 3 sport athlete from Northeast Guilford wore his letterman’s jacket with incredible pride all 4 years of high school. Everything can be purchased on Battleground Avenue. We ordered the letter jacket from Omega Sports (vinyl or leather sleeves), the embroidery (name, school, and mascot) from Zoom Embroidery, and the letter and stars were sewn on by Alterations Express. Cam wore his letter jacket to every basketball game. It is great especially on those chilly fall and winter nights. It looks great with a tie on game day. Younger NE athletes are starting to wear letter jackets. Your high school sports career goes by fast. It’s a wonderful time to demonstrate one’s school spirit. It was worth every penny!! Cam was honored to represent his school! Go Northeast Rams!

  4. I asked my son did we want a jacket after he got his letter in the 9th grade and he said no..I asked him again his soph year. He said no again..After that, I stopped asking..I guess it’s a sign of the times. But it’s funny, I didnt get one either when I was in high school..Go figure !

  5. That’s cause you were embarrassed to have that MGR. sewn on the letter, Reggie. LOL.

  6. I don’t understand why people make fun of MGR of sport or letterman jackets. Sure they do not have the athletic ability as others but have a great desire for their involved sport to have success. To downplay someone who does the little things that makes YOUR playing career more enjoyable, just demonstrates how superficial you are as an athlete. If everyone was like me, everyone would want my wife! Favorite quote of all time!

  7. Deerfoot is the name I saw inside my jacket when I looked it up this morning…Deerfoot was the name brand…

    Cameron Smith is on the best kids to ever come through…He played with heart like some you will never see….Cam Smith gave his all and you could tell it when he took the court every night….He was one dedicated athlete…

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