Next opponent for Page Pirates will be High Point Central on Thursday night:Bison rally to beat Asheboro on Friday night at Simeon Stadium

Page will travel to play the High Point Central Bison(2-0) at A.J. Simeon Stadium in High Point this coming Thursday night(August 30)…

The Bison had to rally, but they did and they beat the Asheboro Blue Comets, 24-17, last night in High Point….Justin Johnson, the Bison QB rallied his troops and Jon Ervin ran in the game-winning touchdown with just over two seconds left in the contest…..Will Johnson kicked a 30-yard field goal for HP Central…..

Michael Lindsay of the High Point Enterprise wrote the Special to the Asheboro Courier-Tribune on the game and here is how Lindsay(no relation to George), saw the game with the Bison besting the Blue Comets….(

HIGH POINT — Jon Ervin got the call, and he knew what he needed to do.

With the score tied and the clock winding down, Ervin took the handoff from 5 yards out, cut back up the middle and plowed into the end zone with 2.6 seconds left for the eventual game-winning touchdown as High Point Central beat Asheboro 24-17 on Friday night at A.J. Simeon Stadium.

“It feels like one of the greatest Friday nights of my life,” said Ervin, a senior running back, grinning from ear to ear. “I can’t explain it.”

That capped a thrilling turnaround for the Bison (2-0) after falling behind 17-10 with 8:22 left in the game. The Blue Comets (0-2) finally took advantage of Central’s three second-half fumbles, scoring on a 5-run TD run by Christian Trogdon two plays later.

The Bison, however, rallied in the final four minutes. James Ledbetter forced and recovered a fumble at the Asheboro 12, and four plays later, on fourth-and-1, quarterback Justin Johnson ran around the right side and leaped into the end zone to tie it 17-17 with 3:53 left…..

CLICK HERE to read all from Michael(no relation to George) Lindsay……..


  1. We will be ready Thursday night…. We remember that butt-whipping from Page last year!!!

  2. me thinks u just struggled to beat a scrub 3a team and Page should have beat the 2 time defending 3a state champs!! can u say 2-1 start for your bison? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. @uwillneedapack,

    Make sure you pack a lunch and oh ya…..bring a ladder.

    By the way…Davie County beat you and they just lost to 3A West Rowan….you woulda,coulda,shoulda beat NG and you didn’t.

    Bison gonna stomp yo couch

  4. Do some research before you start ranting about teams you obviously know nothing about. LOL @ West Rowan. REALLY??? another back to back 3a state champ!!
    Page 28
    HPC 10
    Good day sir!

  5. @ uwillneedapack: 1st of all, Asheboro is a pretty decent team actually. If you fumble 3 times in a game and give the other team’s offense great field position off your turnovers, you’re either gonna lose or you’re gonna be in a tightly contested ball game. We battled adversity, turnovers, and bad officiating and still came out on top with a WIN!!!! What’s your boys excuse?? I respect Page’s football program but the problem with some of you Page fans is the fact that last year’s success isn’t helping you win a thing this year. Winning that state title kind of made you guys feel yall were invincible. Now reality has kicked in and you don’t wanna accept the fact that even great teams have a bad stretch, especially teams who’ve lost so much experience and talent from that state championship squad such as Page. After these 2 losses, all I hear and read are excuses or woulda-coulda- shoulda stories. What will be your excuse Thursday night when we send those Pirates sailing back to Greensboro with an 0-3 record? Is it gonna be excuses or you guys whining about how you had HPC beat but a bad call or luck went HPC’s way? Get outta here lol!!! We are no slouches or push-over’s….. BELIEVE THAT!!!! I see this 28-10 prediction you posted and boy ol boy I laughed my tail off soooo much until I almost caught a migrane…… Even if Page was to win this game, there is NO WAY POSSIBLE THEY WILL BEAT HPC by 18 with a offense that only averages 10.5 pts through its 1st 2 games and gives up a average of 22.5 pts a game on defense… And trust me on this one, HPC will be mentally and physically ready to play come Thursday. Our defense is gonna slap your boys around and yalls secondary will be burnt all night…… GOOD DAY SIR!!!!

  6. No one on this team is making excuses or talking junk. We respect HPC and are looking forward to the game this thursday. Well will continue to work hard and make improvements. It should be a good game this Thursday.

    Page Parent

  7. We are new Page parents and one thing our boy spoke about is the fact that the varsity boys are so cocky because they won last year. The parents and coaches need to support these kids but nothing is given. Hard work will only advance you. I hate to see them losing because I know it hurts but this is a life lesson. Arrogance will get you nowhere. Only hard work and TEAMWORK. Go Pirates! Be humble and fight hard as heck.

  8. Dear Redneckville,

    I am a Page parent whose son has played at Page now for four years. Two of those years dressing on both Thursday and Friday nights – working from Spring to December day after day to improve his game and his teams game. He never complained once. Most varsity football teams are cocky towards the JV – this is nothing “special” to Page. My son would say the same thing when he was on JV. It is a right of passage of sorts. Please don’t sterotype this team as cocky. I have personally known these boys over the years and they work as hard as anyone. A life lesson- I guess that is ok to say – but in actuality they are going to come back and have a great season. Guess what? The parents and coaches do support this team with time, money, and encouragement. They have nothing to hang their head about. My son was one of the boys who never had lost a game until this year – so I know what I am talking about because I went through it WITH my son. Let’s support this team and not assume they they are all cocky and just expected to walk on the field and win. I know better.

  9. And one other thing – most of the junk that is talked on this site is by ADULTS – or people not even in the game – comments like this shed a bad light on the team – when in fact it is the adults acting like crazy people trying to cause the trouble. Ridiculous. Who cares about the predictions and the threats – I am sure both teams are very talented and come Thursday night will give all they have to win the game. But at the end of the day – it doesn’t define who they are, who they will become, and in time no one will even remember or care. These are teenagers for goodness sake. They aren’t going to solve the problems of the world!

  10. Page is a good team but I don’t see them winning this week. This is the first time I believe in history that Page has come into Simeon Stadium with a win less record. Records don’t mean anything but it shows that Page 2012 team isn’t anything close to last year’s State Champion team. By this time last year, Page was rolling through opponents by 21 or more points. I see on some websites, they have Page hanging 28-31 points on HPC as if it’s a slouch match up. I beg to differ, the only way Page is even that competitive to do that type of damage is if HPC doesn’t show up defensively (Flat) or the offense turns the ball over four times on its own side of the field. HPC defense is just as good as Davie & NG, & if Page couldn’t score more than 14 points against the last two opponents, I don’t know how in the heck its going to make magic work to hang 30+ points all of a sudden on HPC? I don’t know where some Page fans mind are at but that is just borderline insane. Page has nothing to worry about & shouldn’t hang their heads because this season can still be a great season for them. However, I believe that begins after August 30th. I’m sorry but Page isn’t going to have it easy this time around. Every opponent so far has given the defending champs its best shot & I don’t see that changing this week in High Point. Good luck to the Pirates after August 30th.

  11. The Page coaches don’t preach or teach cockiness….They teach hard work and that is how they got the Title last year….The coaching staff teaches the hard work ethic and that is why they have a successful program today….They may have lost to Northern, but Page was leading that game at the half they were in the game all the way until late in the 4th quarter….

    High Point Central could well have trouble with the Page offensive line because they are big and they will push you off of the ball and Asheboro was big up front and they put some dents in the HPC ‘D’…..Page is still getting their running game down, but it is coming…..HP Central has a very good defense with two of the top players in the area in Germaine Pratt and Rubin Crosby…..

    Should make for a great game on Thursday night…..Page looking for their first win and HP Central(2-0) trying to stay unbeaten…..Page is not cocky from what I have seen, but they are confident and you need to be when you go to war on Thursday and Friday nights….

    Justin Johnson will keep the Pirates busy from his HP Central QB spot on Thursday night….In my opinion the HPC QB will be the key to the game….What type of game he has will go a long way in determining the final outcome….Justin Johnson, I think he is #12 and he is a good one, he can pass or run and get the job done…..

  12. Yes Asheboro does have some size up front & did get a good push up front for two & a half quarters. I also saw where HPC defense had several miss alignments, just little stuff that kind of aided holes & lanes for Asheboro offense to run through. Nevertheless, Asheboro had one heck of a game plan to keep HPC defense honest for the most part, & it didn’t get shut down until late in the fourth quarter. HPC offense also left a whole bunch of points out there on the field from special teams & even several wide open receivers dropped what would have been touchdowns hands down. But once again HPC is up for the task & isn’t going to take Page lightly, & I know for a fact that the Pirates won’t take my boys lightly either. Should be a good game to watch this Thursday. Can’t wait!

  13. Asheboro. Is this the same Asheboro that is 0-2? Lost at home to a 2A school? Took the mighty Bison down to the wire?

    If an 0-2 Asheboro can give Central all they can handle I see no reason why Page can’t do the same.

  14. come again: I don’t care if a team is 0-5 and you’re 5-0, that doesn’t mean a thing if you turn the ball over 3 times giving them great field position to score. But one thing HPC has shown so far this season is that they never give up and can overcome adversity despite things that go against them. Come Thursday, we won’t be turning the ball over as we did this past friday night or you better hope we do b/c if we don’t we are ringing up 28-35 pts in this one!!!

  15. You have played 2 games and pulled 2 wins out of your butt aganist scrubs!!!! GET OVER YOURSELF!! I cant wait untill friday to hear your whinning!! BELIEVE THAT!

    P.S. Goody”s works well for migraines!

  16. You guys aren’t even necessary to be taken serious of. If Page is so good, why aren’t it sitting at 2-0 instead of 0-2? If Page is so great like last year & will do great this year, why are you guys even sending comments trying to spew the success of HPC wins? If Page is shooting itself in the foot week & week out, why can’t you guys acknowledge the same for HPC? We HPC fans can easily say the same for the Bison as you guys are saying for the Pirates. The only thing is, we’re in a winning pace & you guys aren’t.

    Lets make this clear, Page is a good team but its isn’t even the best team in its own conference so far this season. That’s a fact. In the metro, Page will struggle against Grimsley, Dudley, Southeast & possibly even Southern Alamance. The 15-0 State Champs aren’t coming to make life easier for the Page this year, know that. Those days are over with, & Page is looking left & right not to stare an 0-3 possible even 0-4 record in the face.

    Honestly, if Page wins this week, it’s not the end of the world for the Bison, but according to some that may not be the same for Page. If Page wins, that only means that team was better than its opponent that night. However, there aren’t any true threats over there at Page unlike a season ago. HPC will not take Page likely because an 0-2 record, & Page will not be in fear of HPC because a 2-0 record.

    I can’t believe you guys would even down play the success of HPC kids like that. Sure Page has some fine young men over there who have had success on the field as well as in class, but HPC has also done the same, just didn’t bring home a state title. Take it for what it is, Page isn’t going to get the W that easily. The Bison will be ready to go come 7pm this Thursday, know that alright

  17. HP Central,
    Once you hit conference play you guys can’t beat up on (or barely beat) 2a and 3a teams anymore…….East is going to lay the smack down on some little bison!

  18. @ East Forsyth: Why are you even posting on here? This is about Page vs. HPC. Maybe deep down inside, you’re scared that when your boys come to Simeon Stadium, you will leave in the same fashion you left the last time you guys were there. Look, no HPC fans has said anything about EF since early this summer when once again, your side began the trash talk. Besides, we shouldn’t be much of a threat to yall anyway b/c Ragsdale and Northwest Guilford is ahead of us in the conference right?? LOL!!! So you should be worried about them rather than wasting you time chasing us Bison’s around on this thread. Honestly, our focus hasn’t been on you guys and will not be for the next 2 weeks. But when we get to yall, oh what a disappointment it will be for you guys. Until then, focus on your next 2 opponents and stop letting HPC intimidate you lol!!!

  19. @East Forsyth, dude, where have you come from? The last time I checked, EF should be focusing on its next opponent this week, not the lil ol Bison. You guys aren’t even a true threat, EF beat up on a down West Forsyth team & down Mt Tabor team with win less records, hush bro, just put your team on blast lol. So, don’t come over here talking that non sense, the thread is about Page vs HPC & not HPC vs an over hyped EF team.
    For the record, the last time EF came into Simeon Stadium, the score was 40-14 lol. Please, let these next two weeks clear out before you run off at the mouth ok.

  20. Rashadpnj89 says:
    August 26, 2012 at 11:54 pm
    You guys aren’t even necessary to be taken serious of. If Page is so good, why aren’t it sitting at 2-0 instead of 0-2? If Page is so great like last year & will do great this year, why are you guys even sending comments trying to spew the success of HPC wins?

    Who said Page was “so great”? Some are just saying they are good enough to beat HP Central.


  22. That last post has bulletin board material written all over it…..And I don’t think that was comng from a Page Fan….

  23. Page is the defending State Champs regardless of their record they will be a tough out for anyone, it’s too early in the season to be focusing on a team’s record because all of that will play out eventually, HPC does have the talent to get the win over the Pirates but they will have to play much better than they did against Asheboro and Andrews for that to happen.

  24. @page fan, look, I’m not fooled by the intentional nonsense your spewing on this forum. No one is looking at Page record or saying that Page is the worse team in the triad area. What some of us are saying is that Page is not the same as it were a season ago. That’s a fact. Now, in my opinion, Page is the best 0-2 team in the state hands down. The records don’t mean anything, but the mentality, the intensity & the spirit of knowing your better & playing better than your opponent does. Thus, it’s not the end of the world if Page loses to HPC tomorrow night. But if Page wins tomorrow night, then good for it & hopefully it will get things rolling next week against Ragsdale. My point was earlier that Page doesn’t have the arsenal power to blow HPC out of the water unless HPC lies down, play flat defensively & shoot itself in the foot offensively with turnovers. I’ll still hold firm to that regardless of win, lose or draw.

    @BisonPride, I agree with you 100% that HPC will have to play a whole lot better against Page if it wants to move onto 3-0. That means the turnpoers will have to be wiped out & the defense will have to do its job to keep Page out of the end zone. I look forward to a good game tomorrow night.

  25. “Page Fan” who types in all caps, you are a moron. Crawl back under your rock.

    The Pirates have a lot of work to do on offense but their defense looks to be a lot better.

    It certainly looks like HPC has a real athlete at quarterback. It will be a good game.

    Best of luck to both teams and their coaches. Hopefully Page will get their ground game going. Jordan Putnam is improving.

    Plus, I think the Pirates will want this one bad. It’s been years since a Page team started 0-3.

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