Cam Newton vs. Tim Tebow, as the Carolina Panthers take on the New Jets tonight at 8pm on NBC

Cam Newton used to be Tim Tebow’s backup at Florida, but tonight they will be on opposite teams, as the Carolina Panthers travel to New York, to take on the Jets….

The Panthers should be heavy favorites in this one and we’ll how it turns out on national TV, when the game kicks off at 8pm, on NBC(WXII TV 12) locally…..Now the question keeps stirring the brain cells….Do the Jets or New York football Giants, either one, play in New York, or do they both play in the Meadowlands, in New Jersey??? Might be sort of like High Point Central and High Point Andrews sharing Simeon Stadium in High Point…..We need to try and clear this one up before kickoff….(8pm)

CLICK HERE to read more about this BIG GAME tonight as the preseason football heats up on WXII TV 12 and the additional info is coming in from the Charlotte Observer….