How the high school football poll could be shaping up this week

This is how it could all look as the teams get set to roll into Week Three on Thursday and Friday….

1)Northern Guilford(1-0)
3)TIE Northwest Guilford(2-0)/Southeast Guiford(2-0)
5)High Point Central(2-0)…HP Central vs. Page Thursday night with a 7pm kickoff at Simeon Stadium in High Point….Kickoff is set for 7pm….
8)Southern Guilford(1-0)
9)Northeast Guilford(1-1)

Others receiving votes include High Point Andrews(1-1) and Eastern Guilford(1-1)


  1. I have Southeast at #2 and ragsdale at 3 followed by Northwest at 4, then Dudley

    Best team around is probably East Forsyth

  2. Northern
    NW Guilford
    SE Guilford
    HP Central
    NE Guilford

  3. 1)NG -5 over Dudley
    2)Ragsdale -24 over WG
    3)SE -10. over SG
    NW -12.5 over Grimsley
    5)Dudley +5 aganist NG
    6)HPC +3 aganist Page
    Page -3 over HPC
    8)SG + 10 aganist SE
    9) GHS +12.5 aganist NW
    10)NE -8.5 over EG
    HPA (pickem)
    SWG +3 aganist Ledford

    Vegas MIke

  4. 1) Northern – out of respect for the State title and victory over Dudley, but not truly convinced yet that they can stay here. A win over Dudley would help, but I see the Panthers winning that game.
    2) SEG – they are for real, but I understand if need to wait a week or two to let that sink in. They’ll beat Southern convincingly.
    3) Northwest – They should beat a Grimsley team that will give them a game
    4) Ragsdale – Good team and well coached. They should handle WG
    5) HPC – they are ranked ahead of a desperate Page team. Desperation will win tonight.
    6) Page – time to get over that champagne shower and play some ball. In other words, put those rings away and hit something.
    7 )Southern – Has always played SEG tough. Falcons better be ready.
    8) Grimsley
    9) Northeast – will bounce back big vs EG

  5. SE has a good team but respect comes with wins against quality opponents. SE’s non-conference is against one weak 4A school, two average 3A, and one 2A. I wonder how they would measure against Ragsdale, Nortwest,, or even Northern.

  6. Just Saying,

    I have never seen Northwest beat SEG, so you can drop them from the conversation. I did just start watching in 2005, so maybe they were dominating SEG before that. I have had two brothers go through the SEG program and neither has ever lost a game to Norhwest. Yes, Ragsdale has been a difficult matchup in the past, but it’s not like they blew SEG away.

  7. I haven’t been a fan of losing the NWG and Ragsdale games after the realignment. I loved the intensity of the Ragsdale games even though most of the time they came out on top. Northeast did win 9 ball games last year. If I were the AD, I would get rid of the Thomasville game and SWG. I understand why they play Southern.

    So, yes, I agree.

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