Friday Night Scoring Desk for Friday, August 31, 2012

Update #13 – 10:45 PM

Dudley – 7
Northern Guilford – 36

Grimsley – 14
Northwest Guilford – 19

Southern Guilford – 38
Southeast Guilford – 7

Western Guilford – 14
Ragsdale – 30

Reagan – 7
East Forsyth – 43

West Forsyth – 34
Glenn – 9

Southwest Guilford – 29
Ledford 24

Randleman – 17
Asheboro – 31

Northeast Guilford – 48
Eastern Guilford – 18

McMichael – 7
Reidsville – 32

Rockingham County
Bartlett Yancey

Burlington Cummings – 26
Western Alamance – 57

Burlingtom Williams – 25
Graham – 7

Trinity – 0
Eastern Randolph – 21

Southwestern Randolph
Providence Grove

Thomasville – 7
High Point Andrews – 34

West Davidson – 28
Wheatmore – 0

Monroe Union Academy
Bishop McGuinness

First Assembly Christian – 6
High Point Christian – 27

From Coach Turk – Half
Mt. Tabor – 15
North Forsyth – 2

R.J. Reynolds – 51
Atkins – 0

Southern Alamance – 20
Eastern Alamance – 42

4th Qtr
Southern Alamance – 20
Western Alamance – 42

OPEN: Smith

Page – 14
High Point Central – 20


  1. Wow! Looks like a big time beat down at NG tonight. D U D L E Y dud-ly, dud-ly dud-ly….

  2. 36-7! Northern Guildford has made a statement tonight. D U D L E Y had no chance from the opening gun. I hate I missed it so please give us the run down soon.

  3. Being a Dudley fan for years, I haven’t seen one player did what they did tonight on Dudley on that football field. TJ Logan ran like 300 yards & grabing 5 TD’s. Looking like a Marcus Allen or Something. Northern scored first and Dudley came back down and answer, making it 7 to 7 in the first quarter. It seemed like it would be a back & forth type of game. Hayes for Dudley seemed ready to go. Passing & Running own Dudley first drive. But after that it became the One MAN SHOW CALLED TJ LOGAN……DANG !!!! I can see them making a 3-peat in the 3A PLAYOFFS {NORTHERN THAT IS}. Their QB is slippery as well.

  4. Southern Guilford has more players than Malik Moseley. Last time I checked there were 10 other players on the field with Malik. We all realize that he is great at what he does, but please give the other boys a chance.

  5. Wasn’t a great game what so ever for Dudley but I commend the youngsters in keeping their heads up afterwards. Hey this is pre-season making you better for the real season…Conferance Time Baby…….(What really Counts) Kudos to Northern though…

  6. Now you all know why I’m proud of my Whirlies. De’Shawn Jones had to have 150+ yards tonight. Jake did a fine job at QB and the defense did an awesome job of holding NWG to 3 touchdowns after they hung 40+ on their last two opponents. Just too many penalties for us to pull out the win. We had a chance with the ball on their 44 with about 40 seconds to go but an interception sealed the win for NWG.

    Not sure what happened but early in the game #10 (Reid Baxter?) was ejected. Mom also was close to getting the hook as she was understandably upset. Several flags on NWG sideline which finally led to a penalty. Not sure who kept jawing over on the NWG side.

    In any case congrats to NWG on a hard fought game and good job by my Whirlies. Keep working boys. It is all about improving each week to be ready for the Metro.

  7. Well said Mr. Saunders….T.J. Logan is a special player….He could well be the fastest player in the state and one of the fastest in the US….

    The kid is a ‘big play’ player….TD runs of 83, 68, 46 and 33 and five TD’s total with 316 yards on 23 carries, that is one of your top performances ever in Guilford County…That is up there with Toney Baker and Anthony Saunders…..Difference in them and T.J. is that T.J. is a speed-merchant and Toney and Anthony were more power-type backs….Eventually Toney and Anthony took a beating at RB and that is why they ended up, out of the game…….Logan can fly….1st in the state 100 meters and 2nd in the 200 or visa-versa….Once he gets past the LB’s in the middle of the field, he is gone, no catching him……Great job T.J. and I still remember back when he was on JV’s one night and he scored 6 TD’s in a game….The kid can run to daylight…..

    Very solid job by his line up front and they deserve some of the credit too, with Max Kleitsch, Austin Simmons, Mason Monroe, Kamen Smith, Andrew Keen and who did I leave out????? Good job guys and the FB’s Sindab, Johnston, Ripberger and maybe one more…..Good job men and for Logan, UNC will get one special player next year…….(QB Coltrane also calling a good game for NG and Malik Parker can give them a lift when T.J. sits down)…..(Good blocking by Nick Jones and Jamon Reynolds and the other receivers too…)

    What about the Metro Conference now??? Dudley, SEG, Page, Grimsley, WG, Smith, Southern Alamance……Is there even a clear-cut favorite now.?????

    Heard a player got the hook in the NWG-Grimsley game and does that mean that he can not play next week in the BIG NWG-Northern game at NWG???? Hate it for the kid, but they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do…..

    Camden Ball is doing a real good job of running the show for Southern and I’m sure Malik Moseley would be the first one to give props to his linemen….Every time I see him he is talking up his ‘O’ Line and the job that they are doing….

  8. I was at the NW Grimsley game tonight and I must say I’m still in awe at how bad the refs were! Kicking #10 out of the game for what they said was high stepping into the endzone has to be one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen! I was in the endzone and watched 10 on the entire play and it looked to me like all he did was slow down! I heard the ref yell at the he was high stepping. Trust me it wasn’t high stepping! Bad call and that was just the start of it……To back that up they called about 6 or 8 phantom holding calls on Grimsley that killed drives…..It looked like good ol fashion blocking to me. The refs also threw several sideline flags because they said kids were out of the box. I know the rule is in place to protect the kids but come on! …..I’ve been going to HS Football games for a long time now and I’ve never seen a group of officials have such an effect on the out come! The NCHSAA needs to take a long look at this group that were at Grimsley tonight! These kids on both teams worked way to hard to have a bunch of refs decide the outcome!!!!!

  9. Hate to say it but Grimsley fan is correct! Those refs look like they wanted to make the front page of the News and Record! Let the kids play! Horrible Job tonight!!!!!

  10. Andy,

    I was on the Grimsley home side at about the 10 yd line when Baxter crossed in for the TD right in front of me. There was nothing to merit being thrown out of the game. From where I was sitting he look just as the others are saying and slowed down……It has to be one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in 30 years of watching High School Football! I’m still in shock and the kid was absolutely heart broken.

  11. I hope someone at the State does something about this crew that was at the Grimsley NW game. The refs sucked plain and simple! Congrats to NW…..Grimsley is going to shock some people this year!

  12. Grimsley ya’ll played great! Keep your heads up! You might have a shot at winning your conference. NW first play went for like 60, then the second play of the game as the controversial one. It was EXACTLY what people say, Reid slowed down and was even hit in the end zone. They tossed him and he may be out next game as well. I have it on film and I can’t believe the state will let it stand. This was by far the worst job of officiating I’ve ever seen. Grimsley was right there was tons of poor calls all night. Why do fat a#& officials who don’t do anything in the offseason think it’s their right and responsibility to denigrate players who work so hard all year. They were out of position all night. I’d like to think that with Reid we’d won bigger, but we’ll never know. I’d also like to think that if the officials didn’t throw 30+ flags we might have actually seen which team was better. Shame on you and please retire from officiating, both our schools deserve better.

  13. I may be wrong but i don’t believe there are exceptions to the ejection rule set by the NCHSAA…..a one game suspension is mandatory after an ejection.

  14. From the NCHSAA ejection rules site….

    taunting, baiting or spitting toward an opponent or official

    Penalty for an ejection for the above reasons
    • football – ejection from the contest, miss the next contest at that level and all
    contests in the interim (miss the next two contests for fighting)

  15. Jack@ss referees. I get that it’s all about their perception but C’mon man. That may have been one of if not THE most erroneous calls I’ve seen EVER. Kid works hard all year in the heat doing two-a-days, lifting, conditioning, practicing only to basically get ejected for two games? You sir should be ashamed of yourself and should not be allowed to call at game ever again.

  16. I’m with you on the terrible officiating last night at the NWG-Grimsley game…….the officials blew the Baxter call, and frankly, never had a clue of what was going on……I am sorry and I know it appears as though I am totally biased towards NWG, but it did appear as though the officials were making calls that ordinarily aren’t made to give Grimsley a chance in that game….period….. they were never on the same page, had conference after conference, heck, they didn’t even have the 25 second play clock operator working the clock numerous times in the 4th qtr…… the sideline warnings were ridiculous……. telll me Grimsley wasn’t any more excited when they were making a run late in the game…. were they given the same warnings……….ofiicials, get it right! It’s called high school football…… I was not aware it’s not ok to let the kids get a little excited in games like this…..what’s next ? Penalizing them for chewing gum? What a shame it was for parents, coaches and fans alike to see this……..Grimsley by the way , hung tough and is much improved over last year . NWG has circled next weeks game with NORTHERN for more than a year now….. like anyone, you would want to take all of your players to battle…… Its upsetting that we possibly will be missing a key piece of our team because of the officials .

  17. Wasn’t there, so did not see the play but there is a fine line I guess between ejection and disqualification….I have always been a big proponent for the kids, but I do respect the officials and I know they have a job to do…I always or almost always take the side of the kid, cause you do want to see them do well and many of us have been in that same spot and we know how big these games can be…

    I was there when I got kicked out of a game back in mid-70’s and at that time you just had to leave the game and we got to play the next week…It was against Southeast Gulford in our homecoming game and it was for kicking two of the Falcon players in the head…They got kicked out too, but they never did get up off of the ground, so I guess it was advantage for the one guy taking out two, but I don’t think the coach saw it that way…No rules in place at that time to keep you out of the game the next week..Talked to Coach Bill Slayton of SEG about it a few times and he said, “So you were the NUT from Western Guilford in that game?”…I just said “Yes Sir” and that was the end of that and thus we do move on….

    I remember in a game at Grimsley about maybe 7 years ago when Keenan Allen was freshman for Grimsley and he ran a TD back on a return and he was ejected/disqualified and not sure if he had to sit out the next week or not….Everything turned out pretty good for him in hindsight….

    So there is a fine line and at least three football players had to leave the game early(two of them were pretty good ones) and you knew them when and we all know the games must go on….

  18. No one really cares about the preseason games the real games start in two weeks. . Metro 4A and 4aa Baby…Sorry for the lack of attention with the 3A area..but TJ will help get the other guys some possible college eyes. because he’s the team, I hope they have some guys who can play next year and won’t get too big of a head like my alma mater Page with a one hit wonder and the following year struggling.

  19. Unfortunately these types of knee jerk calls by NCHSAA officals seem happen all too often. At the end of the day, the kid and his parents are the ones that truly suffer on these bogus calls.

    As a ref you better be certain that a call like that is 100% solid before you eject a teams feature senior tailback. Because as a result of your phantom call, a senior may miss out on the chance to play against his rival school and may possibly be one of the biggest games his high school career. Taunting??

    As a result the only thing that will happen if and I mean IF the NCHSAA reviews the penalty is a phone call will be made the the AD at NWG and they will admit the call was wrong but that they have to stand behind their refs and the man in stripes gets his game pay and gets instant water cooler talk for the next officals meetings. It’s truly an injustice!!

  20. Page had a “phantom” taunting call against Northern the week prior. Called back a TD that would have but them up and changed the entire momentum for Page. Looks like the refs are out to get everyone on this call. Everyone on the field should be aware that this could happen. Have the kids play ball and forget about the theatrics.

  21. My fellow Page and Grimsley Fans it hurts but lets get prepared for the real games that count. This will make our boys stronger and more hungrier the boys know about the refs who hold grudges against the schools and some of the players. It’s dirty but I boys will have to play harder. Lets go Metro 4A, 4AA Metro and Piedmont Triad…Game time in 2 weeks…

  22. I was not at the game and It sounds like everyone agrees on what happened. BUT, the one highlight of the game I saw on tv was of a NW player shoving a GHS player in the back, just sayiing….NW has a bad rap for taunting and running their mouths, maybe they were told that and were paying more attention to this game.

  23. I saw the play on WXII highlights of NW player shoving GHS player in the back…….. it happened AFTER Andrew Ritz, NWG QB scored and (officials already blew their whisles and signaled a TD) was literally grabbed and thrown backward OUT of the endzone at least 5 yards backward…..That too was uncalled for………..
    NW player just covering the QB’s back…..

  24. I was at the game as well….The whistles were blown and a Grimsley player threw the QB for NW out of the endzone. The O-linemen for NW pushed back (protecting his QB) got caught and off setting Personal Fouls were thrown. Don’t try to make a bigger deal out of the play than it actually was. Both teams played hard and those things happen….

  25. I think NWG has been getting a good rap for playing hard-nosed football and Grimsley is starting to get that rap too, playing true hard-nosed football now….You have to get a chip on your shoulder as you are building and you are not getting the push you deserve…NWG is starting to get that push closer to the top now and they have worked very hard to get there….Grimsley is on their way…

    What ever happened last night is a bunch of bull now….We have two outstanding teams, Northern and NWG getting ready to go at it, head-to-head next Friday night and I would say excellent teams, but nobody is excellent at this early stage of the season…Two outstanding teams with NWG vs. NG and we need to let them start getting ready for that BIG ONE……

  26. Hopefully they let Baxter play next week…..Would love to see Logan and Baxter on the field going at it!

  27. Oh yes he did! I hate the kid got tossed, but he did a little high stepping. Look for yourself you can see his strides change.

  28. FACT: Watch some football and see how runningbacks change their speed, gate, etc. to elude a defender or save their legs. If you look at the play #44 is coming hard and Reid could cut back if he needed. To do that many runners have different styles and approaches. If anyone can justify this call they do not understand this game.

  29. I know a lot about football and that was a little high stepping going on in that run…Are you kidding me???..His change of stride and gate???..You sound ridiculous…The kid thought he was going in easy and you can very much tell so from this video…

    Now, even though I believe it was high stepping I dont believe he deserved to be ejected…Flag yes, but he shouldnt have been ejected…

  30. yep. what he said. He is obviously high stepping. What he did had nothing to do with avoiding contact.

    And there should have been no flag. Especially when the call means ejection and missing the next game. Ridiculous call

  31. That ref that threw the flag just made the worst call I’ve ever seen in High School sports!!!! To think that kid deserved to be thrown out for that? The NCHSAA better step up and let that kid play next week….Bad call Mr Ref!

  32. It would be a shame to have the NWG and Northern game without Baxter and Logan both on the field. Only way to really prove who is the better team. Otherwise no one will be able to say. I hope that they overturn that part of this ridiculous decision. I think anyone who saw the game or the film would agree that the call was “uncalled” for.

  33. To WOW – what do you mean by “One Hit Wonder” Plus you obviously know nothing about Page and their “big head” That just isn’t the case. Unless you are a player, parent, or coach of this team – keep those comments to yourself.

  34. The defender got there because the kid high stepped. If he doesn’t high step, he walks into the endzone untouched. I still think the ref should have kept the flag in his pocket. It wasn’t an exaggerated high step and the kid did it for maybe two strides. This sucks for NWG.

  35. #1 – let the coach sort this out – parents complicate everything at this level
    #2 – the flag was for taunting….high stepping was obvious in the video
    #3 – it appears to me the young man also smacks/taps #44 on the hat after the play…was something said after the play?
    #4 – when you score a TD….act like you’ve been there before
    #5 – how does posting the video for the world to see help #10….IMO it displays some showboating that college scouts and coaches do not care for and a video like this could do more harm than good for him…..seriously, if it was my son I would be upset with this video on you tube.

  36. I expected Southern Guilford to give SEG a game, but I didn’t see a blow out in Southern’s favor. Anyone who saw last year’s game knew that SEG struggled with Malik Mosley. it was a back and forth battle between Mosley and Petty. Neither defense could the stop the other’s offense. SEG was given a gift last year when the center for Southern snapped the ball over the QB’s head. A SEG defender picked the ball up and scored the winning TD with about 7 seconds on the clock.

    SEG never got off the bus for this one. They came out flat. The offensive line struggled against a very good Southern defensive line. Petty had maybe 60 yds and TD before leaving with sprained ankle late in the 3rd quarter. Southern has an outstanding Defense. Not only did they limit SEG’s run game, they also had 4 picks. Southern has a good offensive line, but Malik Mosley is a special running back. He had a few runs where SEG defenders appeared to have him trapped in the backfield only to see him streak up the sideline for huge chunks of yardage.

  37. YES!!!!! he was high stepping, NO! he shouldnt have been thrown out of the game, and last time I checked, you can post anything you would like on Youtube!!! IF you are going to point the figer at someone, point it at the kid and the coaches, PATHETIC, Im sick of it. On another note……

    Damon, I knew SG had improved and Malik was going to be trouble….. this may be just what SE needed though, watch out…. now they are pissed!!
    Grimsley, glad to see you all of your hard work is paying off, keep it up….. gonna make thigs interesting come conf time.
    NG, wow, I hated stated earlier how everyone thought Dudley was overrated, maybe NG wasnt getting enough credit.
    HPC, didnt think you had it in you, u guys are tough on D, glad to see u back. All in all, its still early…. should be real fun this year….. Dudley and Page, keep your heads up, u guys will still make some noise.

    Vegas MIke

  38. Not time to be pointing fingers, we will just have to let the NCHSAA settle and sort it all out….I don’t like us pointing fingers at the kids or the coaches because we know they all work hard and kids are just kids, even if they are in high school….All of our coaches put their butts on the line every day and it easy for the rest of us to sit back and talk and try and make the decisions for them, but it doesn’t work that way, the coaches have the final say and they have to take the heat….Unfoturnately they get all the blame and not enough credit for what they do….Good job by both sides on Friday, the coaches and the players and the fans were treated to a great game, 19-14 and the home team has the ball late in the 4th with a chance to win….Joe Kane and Darnell Jefferson couldn’t have drawn that one up better….

    Today is Sunday, practice starts back on Monday and it is time to rest up today and give this topic a rest….Let’s lay it aside and get outside and get some air….

    I’m going to watch that video a little later on, but I will keep my comments to myself and let the ones in charge handle all of that…

    New week, new games and time for new topic…..

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