Who’s gonna win that game tonight? N.C. State or Tennessee? Looking ahead to Guilford-Greensboro College?

College football tonight in Atlanta, with N.C. State vs. Tennessee and who are you taking in this one??? ACC or SEC? Wolfpack or Volunteers??

Saturday night at Guilford College, with the Quakers hosting the Pride of Greensboro College….Matt Pawlowski(NWG) will start at QB for Guilford and the Quakers will have Hunter English(WG) at DB/LB, as a starter….Antwan Thorpe(Oxford Webb) is back for Greensboro College at wide receiver….Thorpe is one of the top pure athletes in the state…..

Who do you take or lean toward in this one, Guilford or Greensboro College?

Right now looking to lean toward N.C. State and Guilford……

Any other thoughts on these two games??? Any takers???


  1. Matt Pawlowski is the starter? I can’t find that information anywhere. Where did you get that from?

  2. News and Record had it today and last year’s starter will be the backup and Guilford has five QB’s on the depth chart….

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