New polls are now ready with Northern Guilford #1, East Forsyth #10 and Reidsville #7

The new State-wide Polls are in from and they, just like Chris Hughes at Carolina, have the Northern Guilford Nighthawks as the #1 3-A team in the state and Don Hines at has Reidsville #7 in the 2-A’s and East Forsyth at #10 in the 4-A poll….Bishop McGuinness was one of the schools receiving votes in the 1-A poll….

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  1. Andy I read somewhere the combined record of the teams in the Metro Conference is 4-15, what is your opinion on this and don’t give us that worn out line about the tough competition they are playing the Piedmont Triad has played tough games also, give us your take on this.

  2. The Metro may be down a little bit this year in some spots, but I bet you that Grimsley will be ready and Page will be ready for their Piedmont Triad 4-A foes this Friday….You could see at least one upset maybe two from those games….East Forsyth is the team to beat in the Piedmont Triad 4-A according to the NCPreps and the Carolina Preps Polls…I haven’t seen the AP Polls yet, but the Metro was the ‘Cream of the Crop’ last year with Page and maybe it is time for the Piedmont Triad 4-A to make that run with EF, NWG, RAG or HPC…….Gonna be hard to beat that big three down in Charlotte though, when you start mixing it up with Butler, Mallard Creek and Vance….Vance is coached by former WS Carver coach Keith Wilkes and he won it all with the Yellow Jackets….He may have won two while at Carver…..Might need to look that one up…..

    Metro is down some, but we are only three weeks into the season….We will take a much closer look at this in early October when they start to cut up the heat…..Lots of football left to be played and you still might see Page make a big run at the Conference Title….Looking better at RB already with Capel….Grimsley still might be the sleeper and Southeast was moving on until Southern slowed them down last Friday night…..Dudley is still gonna be a force in the Metro too….Page, Dudley, SEG and Grimsley all have shots at the playoffs and the others, not too sure about them……

  3. It is true as it stands that the Metro conference combined record is 4-15 & the Piedmont Triad conference is 13-8 as of this week. HP Central & Ragsdale is combined record against the Metro thus far is 4-0. Southwest did beat Southwest in week 1 so it is undefeated in against the Piedmont Triad so far. I agree with Andy, that the Metro was strong last year, but dating back to 2009, the Piedmont Triad was probably stronger with teams like Ragsdale, Glenn, & HP Central competing against each other. Grimsley is looking like a strong contender & may be a dark horse in the Metro this year. It’s still too soon to tell but who knows.

  4. One week from this Friday(September 14) you have the East Forsyth Eagles coming over to High Point’s AJ Simeon Stadium to face the HPC Bison and then two weeks later, on September 28, it will be the Northwest Guilford Vikings invading High Point to take on the Bison….Those are some real big games right there and they will go a long way in determining the PT 4-A….

  5. Plus you have:

    9/21 Ragsdale @ East Forsyth
    10/5 Ragsdale @ Northwest Guilford

    Business is about to pick up as Jim Ross used to say…..

  6. I want to make a correction on one of my earlier comments. I stated that Southwest beat Southeast in week 1 when it actually was the other way around with SEG coming out on top.

    @Andy Durham, Yes it will be a huge game next week at Simeon Stadium & I’m very excited about that match up. I here on some other boards that East Forsyth is the team to beat & is a top-10 team in the state. So, HPC going up against East makes it that much more interesting being that the game last year was decided by a point. Both teams have improved since then, & even though records don’t mean much, the maturity & the fight that those kids have at East & HPC is very intriguing. Just when you thought the conference wouldn’t get any better, a rematch with Northwest coming to Simeon Stadium to take on HPC is going to be one heck on a showdown. Ragsdale match ups with East & Northwest is also going to be splendid. I wish I can attend those games, but I have to watch my boys play every week because I’ma die hard fan. Good luck to all the teams in Guilford County this week.

  7. Some of the good teams from around here are getting ready to go down. I agree with what some of the others are saying that East Forsyth is the team to beat in the 4-A ranks in the central portion of the state. East is just as good as most of the Eastern teams too. Nobody in their conference will touch them. They are just that good. The rest of the teams are really playing for second place and some of the teams better not be looking ahead to East or they may get beat this week. I can see Grimsley winning at home. They were sure tough there at home last week. I feel that High Point Central is a real good team but they have a target on their backs and Grimsley is going to get them this Friday night. I just have that feeling and Ragsdale better watch out too. It gets hard to keep on beating these winless teams that are getting better and Grimsley has shown us they are better than last year and Page is looking tougher each week and I would be worried about a team like that. I read on here somewhere that one of Grimsley’s former players passed away last week and that will sure get them pumped up in a hurry too. I thought Grimsley had Northwest beat last week and it still is up in the air who is better Ragsdale or Northwest or High Point Central?We will know more after Friday is over but for now if I were the teams with the good records then I would be real worried about these teams that have not won a game yet. They are the ones that can sneak up on you and take you out. I will be trying to get over to the East Forsyth and Reynolds game this week and that ought to be a good one but I will take East Forsyth. Their guy Paul Jones is one of the best in the state and Duncan can run all night long. The rest of you watch out and don’t let those teams sneak up on you. Remember in 2012 East Forsyth is the team to beat!

  8. East Forsyth may handle Reynolds easily, but I can’t say the same for next week. East haven’t been tested against a good defense as of yet. People want to talk about HPC playing teams that are down in terms of talent, but it could easily be said about the opponents East have played so far. Don’t want to start any trouble but things aren’t always what it seems. East Forsyth isn’t going to blow HPC & Ragsdale out like everyone believes. It’s too early to tell, but in two-three weeks, we’ll see how good East really is.

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