High School Football Tonight with AM950 at NG vs. NWG:”Do you smell what ‘The Jock’ is cooking?”

We will have the AM950, 97.7FM and www.wpetam950.com broadcast at Billings Stadium tonight for Northwest vs. Northern Guilford….Pre-game at 6:45 and kickoff set for 7:30pm from Northwest Guilford High School….They may have to cap the gate at a certain number, so get there early and grab your seat….Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball here on GreensboroSports.com tonight and on 97.7FM in the stadium at NewBridge Bank Park with Bill Hass and Jim Modlin, with the first pitch at 7pm and we will have high school football updates/scores here at the site all night, with Don Moore…Dennis White joins us from NWG and if we don’t see you on the air, we will see you in the air….Maybe heading upfield, I hope….

Northern Guilford(2-0) at Northwest Guilford(3-0)…TJ Logan will be a busy man tonight and so will the NWG defense and look for Kevin Parrish and Reid Baxter to be in heavy chase/stop mode tonight….Big key for NWG on ‘O’ will be QB Andrew Ritz and his ability to lead his team on sustained drives, that take a lot of time off of that clock…One of the classic drives of 2011, was the one NWG had at Ragsdale on their opening possesion of the game, when they drove the ball down the field and took about 8 minutes off of the clock and then scored the TD to go up on the Tigers and then they went on to beat the Tigers…Drive led by then-NWG QB Matty P. and the key to the drive was a fake punt on the rugby-look punt from this year’s QB Andrew Ritz and he took the fake punt on the run for 17 yards and a NWG first down, to keep the opening drive alive…4th and 17 for NWG from their own 23 and they go for it and get it behind the legs of Ritz….One of the top drives in the state for 2011….NWG will see a very tough NG ‘D’ led by Ryan Johnston up front and NWG knows they have to be aware of #44…He is strong and very quick…Tre Purcell can also wreak havoc and the Northern offense with Logan, gets a lot of attention, but their defense is pretty good too…TJ Ruff, Ripberger, Wilcox, Bernard Sindab and then Logan and Austin Coltrane in the defensive backfield…Tough to whip, but the sustained drives by NWG could wear these guys down…Both ‘O’ lines will have to bring their lunch pails tonight….Tackling will still be the real key…Do a close study on the point of impact(the original hit) and the point of deposit(where the runner finally goes down to the ground) and that will be the difference…I hit him here, at say the 25, but he finally went down here, at the 40, 15 yards upfield…Tackling, point of impact and then point of deposit, we will looking at that ever so closely….Has the makings for a good one….See you there….

High Point Central(3-0) at Grimsley(0-2)….Best start since 2004 for Coach Wayne Jones and Central and the Whirlies have shown much imporvement in 2012, but stil have to get in the win column to make it all worth their time…How well can Will Johnson flip the field tonight, with his kicking game for HP Central???That will be a real key…Germaine Pratt, Rubin Crosby and the Bison defense is one of the best in the state and Justin Johnson is among the state’s leaders in passing yardage…The ‘Wing T’ has been working for Grimsley and we’ll see what kind of test that is this evening for the HPC ‘D’….Grimsley has to get into the end zone to win and what does the HPC ‘D’ have to say about that???

Ragsdale(3-0) at Page(0-3)….Page needs a win in a bad way, but Ragsdale might be the wrong team to be trying to steal one from…That might be the only way to get it from Ragsdale, steal it…Their ‘O’ has QB Colson Herndon, RB’s Jones and Eleazor, WR’s Pantuso and Walker and that is very big handful right there…Ragsdale can give you so many different looks from those five…Enough to keep a defense busy all night long…Page has to get their offense on the field and keep it out there, you don’t want that Tiger offense out their for long periods of time…They will burn you…Should be a fun game watching the two QB’s with Colson Herndon(Ragsdale) and Jordan Putnam(Page)….They know each other well and have been good friends over the years….

Smith(0-2) at Northeast Guilford(2-1)….You would think ‘Hamer Time’ again for NEG….

Eastern Guilford(1-2) at Western Guilford(0-3)….Very good first half for WG last week at Ragsdale and Western needs two of those tonight…EG has very good athletes, but WG has some too and they need to step up and shine tonight….

Dudley(1-2) at Durham Hillside…Hillside is a bit down this year and let’s hope that will help the Panthers and their keynote speaker/leader, Richard Hayes III…

Thomasville(0-3) at Southeast Guilford(2-1)….SEG Falcons need redemption tonight and T’vill needs to be (0-4) after this one’s over to keep Guilford County on the map….Put a #43 on Jamal Petty’s back and turn him loose and let’s hope he finds no trouble in turn four and that he can turn this into a ‘Four Touchdown Night’….

Southern Guilford(2-0) at East Davidson….Need a ‘Five Touchdown Night’ from Malik Moseley and his partner back their in the backfield, Gallaspie is it, well if they both can go over 200 yards again this week, let’s say the Storm is on their way to a ‘Category 3’, as in (3-0)…Have been seeing some good state-wide numbers from East Davidson, but not sure who all they have played and who they posted those numbers against…

Rockingham County at Southwest Guilford(1-2)…”The Rock’ has a very good back in Darrin Miller and SWG will have their hands full, but the Cowboys hava found a back in ‘Shifty Shipman” and let’s see what he does tonight…..

Southlake Christian at High Point Christian(3-0)….Don’t a thing about SLC, but do know that HPCA is (3-0) and we will stick with them until they lose….Did see a few SLC names on the NCPreps board, but don’t know how much of that sticks to the board….

High Point Andrews(OPEN)

“Do you smell what ‘The Jock’ is cooking?”(Picks)…Lost three last week and will there be more, can you say ‘Four’, this week????

Rockingham County
High Point Christian


  1. We usually just have a POG from the winning team and our stats should a tie with Ryan Johnston and Austin Simmons from Northern Guilford…

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