High School Football Saturday Morning rewind:Grimsley wins, Malik Moseley rolls, Defenses tough

*****Add in Richard Hayes to our #’s totals that we have on Logan and Moseley in our lower paragraphs….Hayes:Rushing(Dudley vs. Hillside) Richard Hayes III 33 carries-237 yards…*****

Grimsley got that first win of the season night and that was one of the questions that I was asking the young men, on the ‘Football in Focus Show’ last Thursday night and it went, “Who will be the first team to get a win this season, Page or Grimsley?”

The young men that I was quizing were from Ragsdale and the Tigers made sure that Page did not get to the win column, as the Tigers topped the Pirates, at Page’s Marion Kirby Stadium last night…

That is very big news with Grimsley getting into the WIN column, against a team they were not supposed to beat, in High Point Central….Central was a strong favorite going into the game and the Whirlies came out with the ‘W’…..Page will still be looking for victory #1, as they host Western Guilford next Friday night…Grimsley will have Southeast Guilford coming in and SEG was without one of their top runningbacks, Jamal Petty, last night, but he should be back for next week’s game at Jamieson Stadium….Grimsley is on the go now and unbeaten East Forsyth will going over to Simeon Stadium, to face High Point Central next Friday, in a very important Piedmont Triad 4-A matchup….

Malik Moseley is rolling for Southern Guilford…..Fourteen(14) touchdowns in just three weeks/games and this kid averaged 47 yards per carry last night with TD runs of 85, 67, and 51 yards and he ended up with 236 yards and his 4 TD’s….Moseley is tearing it up this season and he is right up there with T.J. Logan, in the numbers department for this season…Moseley is ‘The Man” and the Southern coaches like what he is doing and they are just lettng him ‘run on’….Can’t say they over-worked him, if he only carried the ball 5 times last night….I have been very impressed with the job that Mr. Moseley is doing and let’s put in a BIG ‘Shout Out’ for the Southern Guilford Storm offensive line, as they are really getting the job done, with Moseley going for 4 TD’s and his teammates Reggie Gallaspy and Bryce Lee also took home 2 TD’s, for unbeaten Southern Guilford(3-0)…. One TD pass from SG QB CB/Camden Ball and the Storm defense was doing their job too, as they really kept East Davidson at bay, all night long….

I thought the defenses really played hard and well in the Northern-Northwest Guilford game….Tough defense by both NG and NWG all night long out there at NWG….Northern has found some offense to help them when TJ Logan is not in there, but they can’t seem to find the end zone without Logan….Eight(8) TD’s on the year now for Logan, after two more last night, but the touchdowns came early and then came the cramps and TJ is still working on those…They say it is the need for potassium, but I don’t know all of the clues to this one….I keep hearing more water, eat bananas, take in salt, stay hydrated….I don’t have the answer or the solution to this one….TJ with 8 TD’s on the year and Moseley with 14 and both have been in just three games….Logan with 152 rushing last night, after 316 the week before and 82 the week before that….Moseley had 236 yards last night and Logan is at 550 for the year….These are two outstanding backs to track here in Guilford County….Got to love that Northern defense, they stone-walled Northwest most of the night and they have some real gamers on that Nighthawk ‘D’….Austin Simmons has played very hard on both sides of the ball for NG this season and Jon Sugg went strong, going both ways for NWG last night…..Anthony Harding had some nice offense at times for NWG and Kamen Powell stuck it up in there, but NWG needed so much more….

Northeast Guilford has to be loving Evan Reasor after he kicked that game-winning field goal to help NEG beat Smith by one, 16-15, last night at Bill Bookout Stadium…It was a 27-yarder with five minutes to go, that did in the Eagles…Thanks to Coach Sugg for passing along the info to us, on Friday night..

Winston Craig with two TD grabs from Ragsdale Tiger QB Colson Herndon last night?? Herndon with 2 TD runs as well….That food or visit to the Shane’s Rib Shack must have been kicking in pretty good last night for the unbeaten(4-0) club, from Jamestown…Looks like Jalen Gavin had a big night for Page…..

More on all of these games later on today, but it does appear that Malik Moseley and TJ Logan are at the top of the leaderboard, as we head toward Week Five of the season…..

Richard Hayes III from Dudley HS stats:
RUSHING: 659 yds.
Passing: 368 yds.
TD’s: Rushing:11 TD’s….Passing 2 TD’s=’s Total 13 TD’s…..Hayes with 1,027 total yards in 4 games on the season…..


  1. Pass this along to TJ Logan. Tell him to drink a jar of pickle juice before the game. He can actually drink some throughout the day. Those will take care of his cramps. Its backed by science. Just make sure he gives me the credit for it.

  2. Richard Hayes III has made impressive nubers so far but it’s not over. Dudley has 4 to 5 key players (RB, lineman and WR) that will be back in the picture starting this week and next week that has been missing this season.
    Richard stats so far are the following; Below are the stats for rushing and passing yards, I am missing Ragsdale but will be added soon but his numbers STAND OUT….

    Rushing yard for 3 games ; 562 yrds

    Passing yrds: 276 yrs

    Touchdowns: 11 rushing and 2 passing for a total of 13 TD (so far)

  3. According to the Jamestown News report Hayes had 97 yards on 26 rushes and two TDs and passed for 92 yards against Ragsdale.

    Very talented and dangerous offensive weapon.

  4. Thanks Mark ….Richard Hayes III YTD TOTAL STATS

    RUSHING: 659 yrds
    Passing: 368 yrds
    TOuchdown totals above included Ragsdale

    Td: Rushing ; 11td. And passing 2 td total 13 td

  5. Great football night with no big surprises. Grimsley has come so close in last two games. Glad to see the GHS big win. Ragsdale vs Page game was great and the pirates are a good team regardless of 0 wins. Colson Herndon…..wow, one smart and gutsy QB. The Tigers are well balanced. That RHS defense just keeps digging in there.

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