High School Football this Thursday night with HPA vs. SWG at Simeon Stadium

Big game this Thursday night, with Southwest Guilford at High Point Andrews and they will be playing in Simeon Stadium…..Cowboys at the Red Raiders and this is always a good one and has been starting to catch up with High Point Central-High Point Andrews, in terms of a real big rivalry game, in High Point….

Just a few back, many of the Southwest Guilford students and/or their siblings used to attend HP Andrews and now the current and past Red Raiders won’t let the Cowboys live that down…..

There have been some real good changes and SWG is hoping to change and/or reverse their fortunes against Andrews and they want to begin that role reversal, this Thursday night…

Big game with SEG vs. HPA this Thursday at Simeon Stadum…..


  1. Southwest Guilford has to have the best athletes in the area they can play football but I think they are all selfish and don’t get along if you just look at the body language of these players they gave up after the first quarter last week If they can come together they can still be good in confrence play but untill they learn not to be selfish they will continue to downfall.. That larry edwards kid can play he runs hard and he actually shows he cares but in the QB situation they will have to find someone else..That Caldwell Kid is not made for a QB he can run they should put him out at reciver and have someone else play QB…Not taking anything away from him his a great athlete but andrews defense may cause him problems this will still be a good game as it always is

  2. SWG football issues run deeper tha a QB. The issue starts at the top with the principal. Some will say it starts with the AD but AD’s are just a mouthpiece for the most part for the principal. It starts at the top. SWG needs more coaches that teach in the school. More coaches teaching PE and weightlifting (or any subject) and getting the kids in year ’round lifting and running programs while also staying on top of the kids academics. The principal has to hire good coaches that can also teach. Doesn’t have to be all the coaches but needs to be most of them.

    There is a lot of talent in that area but you have to keep them in that area. SWG has not been a destination for football since the Brian Williams days. I would agree they attitudes are not always the best and they can be selfish but for the most part that starts at the top. And not just the head coach. What High School football means to a school is not much different than what college football means to a university. Just on a much smaller scale. It has to become a priority for the school.Then it becomes a priority in the community.

    Good HS football coaches do more than just win (except for those few that recruit). They develop young men. Look at Pursley at Northeast, Davis at Dudley, Norwood at Ragsdale, Fritz at SEG along with several others. All these coaches and their staffs help kids off the field. they are admired and trusted in their community. For the most part, parents trust their kids with these men. It’s a culture.

  3. SWG has some good athletes, but to say the best athletes in the area is a stretch. I think Dudley, Central, Andrews, Southern, Page, etc. would differ with this. The problem at SWG is the fact that every year they have new assistant coaches. I spoke with one of the assistant coaches during the clinic and they told me that they are on their sixth or seventh defensive coordinator in six years. I think he also said they only have one or two assistants back from last year. How can you be consistent with that? I think the head coach there has done a good job considering the turnover every year. They are usually competitive. Good programs usually have consistency in their assistant coaches and are on the same page and philosophy.

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