Tammi Hansbrough as in Tyler Hansbrough’s mom resigns:Second top fundraiser to leave North Carolina this week

You knew she would be next to leave, after former North Carolina Tar Heel QB Matt Kupec resigned on Sunday night…Now the mom of Tyler and Ben Hansbrough has turned in her resignation too….

The former Miss Missouri is leaving North Carolina, after a scandal began in the univeristy fundraising department at UNC…Matt Kupec and Tammi Hansbrough had been taking unexplained plane trips together, to places other than fundraising destinations…There had been divorces within both families….Tammi was sued, by a woman down in Mississippi who said she broke up her marriage….Tammi had filed for bankruptcy twice and the woman in Mississippi was suing her for one million dollars….

There seems to be a lot of infidelity and mismanagement of expenses going here and that has led to both Matt Kupec and Tammi Hansbrough stepping down at UNC…

The top two fundraisers are gone and they only thing they might be raising down there now on Franklin Street might be the ‘White Flag’, in recognition of all the trouble that they have been getting themselves into in recent weeks, months and years….

It has been a mess and how/why did all of this mess happen??? Athletic problems, academic problems, faculty problems, staff problems and who knows who or what, is next???

If this was fifty years earlier, say circa 1962, they might be raising a noose down on Franklin Street and you can take your pick of might be first in line…..

Possibly Chancellor Holden Thorp…..

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