The Battle on the Football Field is still two weeks away, but ‘The Battle of the Bays’ begins today!!!

It’s time to WASH THOSE CARS!!!
Get those red, blue and white ones in their quick….

The Battle of the Bays Begins Today
(You’ve got to get by the Water Works Car Wash on Battleground Avenue and pick out/choose your bay)….Do you go Page or Grimsley?? When you wash your car, part of the money is going back to your school of choice….(Grimsley or Page)…Who will win ‘The Battle of the Bays’???

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In conjunction with the Page-Grimsley football game and alumni golf tournament, Water Works of Greensboro is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Page-Grimsley Wash Challenge at its Battleground location. Here is how it works:

Come by the Battleground Water Works location at 2612 Battleground Ave (Next to Taco Bell at the intersection of Battleground and Cone Blvd.) September 12th to September 26th and wash your car in the bay designated for your school. Each car washed scores a point for that school. Fifteen per cent(15%) of all the profits will go to the schools….The school that scores the most washes in their respective bay for the two week period wins. Winning school’s booster club gets (80%) of all those profits for the two bays for two weeks. The second place school will receive 20% of the winnings. It’s a WIN WIN!

The winning school’s booster club will be presented a check on game day, Friday, September 28th.

So stop by and wash your car and earn money for your school. It’s that clean and simple!