High Point Christian falls to Wake Christian on Friday night, 19-15:Second loss of the year for Cougars

Wake Christian Academy Bulldogs(Raleigh) 19
High Point Christian Academy Cougars 15

The game last night between HPCA and Wake Christian was a poorly officiated game, one of the worst we have seen… The refs gave Wake Christian the opportunity to win the game and they did 19 to 15. HPCA was playing without the services of starters Rick Mack, RB/DB, Nate Degraffereidt, RB/DB, Malik Streater WR/DB, but still came from behind to take the lead with 4:44 sec left in the game by the strong arm of Quentin Chavis throwing and freshman Geoffrey Wall running the ball to score two touchdowns.

First, on 4th down and 25 yds to go Quentin hit Logan Norris for a first down on the 2. Then Geoffrey Wall scored his first of two TD’s for the first score of the game for HPCA. Then the defense was able to hold and Chavis led the team down to the 37 yard line when he handed the ball of to Geoffrey who took the ball 37 yds for his second score of the night.and then Chavis hit Domanique Webb for the extra point after the penalty to take the lead.

HPCA kickoff and holding was called on the Cougars, as Wake Christian took over and then the drama of the refs started again. You have to say again cause in the first half, in the second quarter, it appeared that HPCA had stopped them(Wake Bulldogs) on a big rush by Brica Patrick and Rock Brown forcing their QB to throw the ball away, but the refs didn’t blow the whistle and one of their players picked up the ball and ran 10 yids for the TD. So, instead of it being called a forward pass the refs let it be a fumble. Now, getting back to the drama of second half and 4th quarter. HPCA got a big stop and it was 4th down and Wake threw a pass. The receiver caught the ball and our DB reached over and knocked the ball out of his hands and they called pass interference giving them first down giving them first down. Then HPCA got another stop on third down and on 4th down they threw a deep pass to the 10 yard line. The time clock got down to 1:11 sec left when all of a sudden the clock went up to 1:28 sec instead of running down. Ref’s stopped clock to fix it, but instead of taking it down past 1:11 to correct it they left it at 1:11 giving them more time to score which they did with 6.3 sec to go in game. While they where celebrating one of the HPCA players laid still on the ground after getting a block in the back that didn’t get called, allowing the TD to happen. He was later escorted off the field on a stretcher, our prayers go out to Domanique. There was a 30 min delay waiting on the ambulance to get there. Then they had to finish the game with the extra point. They kickoff came and Geoffrey Wall tried his best to take the ball the distance but failed, as HPCA lost their second straight game. Hopefully, all of those players that where out will come back to play next week. Quentin Chavis finished the game 21 for 40 and 220 yds.