Rodney Purvis gets the ‘Green Light’ and he is ready to play for the Red and White

The young man from the Upper Room has been cleared to play in the NCAA, for the Red and White of the N.C. State Wolfpack, in Raleigh….Rodeny Purvis got the ‘Green Light’ today and he will join the other incoming freshmen in the Pack lineup this season….Rodney Purvis, Tyler Lewis and TJ Warren will look to oontribute for the Wolfpack this year….There was a question on Purvis coming into the Raleigh campus and that was if his diploma from Upper Room was valid….Did the Upper Room Academy offer and provide the core curriculum courses that the NCAA requires and was the school accredited within the NCAA boundaries??? Upper Room has only been around for about 4 years…..

Purvis is in and on the N.C. State team and again, you may how, let’s let Debbie Yow tell you how it all came about today…..


The NCAA has cleared freshman guard Rodney Purvis to play basketball at North Carolina State University, NC State athletic director Debbie Yow told WRAL Monday.

Purvis’ playing eligibility was in question as the NCAA conducted a review of Upper Room Christian Academy in Raleigh to verify that the core credits meet the standards of the NCAA Eligibility Center.

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  1. We’ve got Anthony Barber on here somewhere today…..Big weekend for N.C. State basketball and they just keep getting better…..

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