The ‘Top Five’ high school football players in NCHSAA history?

Tim Stevens came up with this ‘Top Five’ list for the News and Obsever out of Raleigh a while back, but when you look at this list, it does make you stop and think and you do reach the conclusion that these are five very impressive names, that he has on his list….

1)’Choo Choo’ Charlie Justice(Asheville)…RB
2)Carlester Crumpler(Wilson Fike)…RB
3)Todd Ellis(Page)…QB
4)Anthony Barbour(Garner)….RB
5)Julius Peppers(Northern Nash)….DL/RB

CLICK HERE to read all of the article from Tim Stevens and it was published on September 6, 2011, just over one year ago and a good read…


  1. Baker was slower than mo-lasses and Welborne didn’t come close to doing what Todd Ellis did for Page.

  2. The question is, who was the most productive?

    When Baker graduated he was the national all-time leading rusher, EVER. Can anyone else here say that? Baker may not have had NFL speed but he was fast enough. Saw him run 4.5 in the 40 many times in high school. He was fast enough to be the leading rusher of all time. He is still in the top 3 nationally.

    Anyone else on that list a national leader?………………………………………………..


  3. Who’s spot would Baker take? Do you cast off Crumpler or Barbour….It looks like ‘Choo Choo’, Ellis and Peppers would be locks….I think Baker ought to be on there too, but didn’t TA McClendon(Albemarle) break Baker’s TD records or was it the other way around???

    Good topic and we need more input on this one before we send it back to Tim…..

  4. agree about Baker.

    He needs to be on this list.

    Take off Crumpler and Justice and add on Toney Baker and McClendon.

    Todd Ellis has to be on this list of players. His coach said he changed the high school game in NC with his passing game.

    Todd Ellis led us into the modern football era and paved the way for guys like Mark Maye, Chris and C.J. Leak, Riley Ferguson and many more outstanding passing quarterbacks.

    Ellis set the standard.

  5. Mike Ellis would know the skinny on Baker since he probably covered all of Toney’s games for the Jamestown News…Mike would have all of those numbers on file somewhere and he needs to give us a hit here at the site….

    Ellis(Mike) might have the inside on Ellis(Todd) too….There has to be some type of connection there….Maybe Mike Ellis was the QB coach for Todd Ellis at one time, you just never know….Mr. Ellis will tell us, or at least I hope he will….(We are looking for Mike Ellis this week and we will be looking for Mike Elkins next week.)

  6. Pro scout is clueless. I coached Baker and he was a legit 4.5 guy. In college I was with four running backs who played in the NFL, one who was the leading rusher in the league one year. Toney had the same if not better skill set as him. If not for the injuries he would be in the league today. Get a clue.

  7. Buck the Truck. Ricky Adams was the Toney Baker of my day. Never thought we would see another running back in Jamestown as good as Adams then Baker comes along. That whole Adams family had talent, But Ricky just ran over through and by people.

  8. Prince Deese was a handful too and Jimmy Bolding was not bad either, but you are spot on about #44 Ricky Adams and Harold Odom was #25 if my memory is correct from old defensive playbook and I think it is….

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