Update on Jim Modlin at Moses Cone Hospital

Got by to check in on Jim Modlin at Moses Cone Hospital today and Jim was resting comfortably and the dotors and nurses were doing a lot of testing and checking today….Things were about the same according to the head nurse and she said keeping all things stable was a key right now….

Right now, Jim is just laying there and as long as they are still testing and as long as he is still there, that is a good thing and maybe things might just take a turn for the better…..As long as you are still here, you still have a chance and as long as they are still running tests, you are still in the hunt….

It is a long way back, from a massive heart attack and let’s hope Jim can defy the odds and make the comeback that will allow him to get back in the game….

Dennis White contributed to this update…..

+++++Jim Modlin was a former basketball player for the Ragsdale Tigers, the East Carolina Pirates and he played one year in the ABA, with the Pittsburgh Pipers/Pittsburgh Condors…..+++++