N.C. State says David Amerson(Dudley HS) did speak with Eric Leak, but not an NCAA violation

Former N.C. State player turned agent, Eric Leak, may be up the creek, because N.C. State told Leak not to speak to Wolfpack cornerback David Amerson(Dudley High School)….Leak may need to tweak his streak and seek higher ground and quit hanging around the Pack and it’s players….Time for Leak to prove he is not weak and he should just go ahead and take his sleek self out of Raleigh and on to Mozambique…..Hopefully all of this has reached it’s peak and by next week, it will all be over and done with….What a geek that Eric Leak…….

from www.wralsportsfan.com:

Raleigh, N.C. — North Carolina State University confirmed Thursday that cornerback David Amerson and disassociated former player Eric Leak made contact earlier this year.

The school said that communication between Leak and Amerson occurred in June. The contact is not an NCAA violation, but it is a violation of the terms of Leak’s disassociation from the program.

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