What is it about Wake Forest and the way they have dominated Duke in football?

The Deacs have won 12 straight over Devils and they are trying to make it 13 in a-row this Saturday……It doesn’t matter where they play this game, the results always come out the same…The Demon Deacons have had Duke’s number and you would think that the last time Duke beat Wake, Ricky Proehl might have been wearing diapers/pampers up in New Jersey….

How does one team just dominate the opposition in a series, the way Wake has Duke?????

Wake coach Jim Grobe is (11-0) versus Duke and do we really remember who was coaching at Wake Forest before Jim Grobe? Was it Tony Dungy or Jim Caldwell???

There have been one-point wins for Wake, missed field goals by Duke and several ‘big plays’ late in the games for Wake Forest….

Wake has Duke’s number in football and Duke needs a win in a bad way this Saturday, at BB&T Field, if the Blue Devils are to have any hopes of going to a bowl game this season…..

Devils vs. Deacs and look out for Tanner Price…He is a real smart kid and he has a special knack for stepping up in ‘Big Games’ like this one…..Duke needs this one so bad that they want to bring back Clarkston Hines for this game….Hines also had that certain knack to be on top of his game, in situations like the one that presents itself to the Blue Devils on Saturday….Hines was like a lot of fine wines, he was always ‘right on time’……

Read more about the background on this series when you CLICK HERE…..

*****There have been some good games, but Wake has won them all…24-23 Wake at Wallace Wade last year and 54-48 Wake, at BB&T Field in 2010….*****